Friday, May 15, 2015

She married him a virgin last year and he is about to dump her for another lady.

Please Ma hide my identity, I am 28 years old lady married last year. And my husband is 33 . I met him same last year through a friend, we just dated for three months and I didn't go too close to him because of my faith. He met me a virgin with my masters and married me. I saw changes in him immediately after our joining, coming out from the church he acted funny, for the first time. since then my marriage has been hell on earth, maltreatment, beating, crying every day and night i tried all i could to please him, but the more i try the worse he become, he told me that i will keep suffering in his house unless i go. I have waked him up in the mid night asking him what i did to him for him to be doing me this way, on several occasions he didn't give me any answer . The worse is that he is been controlled by the mother and sisters. his mother doesn't like me a bit. she told the son to maltreat me. I took in and the beating and maltreatment became too much and I left to my father's house. since then he has not bordered to come looking for me. what am hearing now is that his about to relocate and marry another woman. since then I have been crying day in and night asking God what then is my reward after serving him. I have made up my mind to face my future carry the pregnancy and face my future if I see another man i marry. friends hope that is a good decision. please advice me.


  1. is really a pity. probably you should pray harder. could he be manipulated?

  2. You've taken a good decision but I am quite perplexed at what emanated the hatred he suddenly developed for you after walking down the aisle with you, I think something is really fishy here, cos if he could change immediately he married you that means he never wanted to marry you from the onset or the mother never wanted him to marry and then manipulated him to hate you, this is just like what we watch in Nollywood movies. but then since you've decided to move on, just get on with it and leave everything in the hands of God, He knows the best.

  3. It's okay.

    You just married the wrong person.

    That man is poo.

    It'll get better.

    Just stop crying.


  4. That kind of sudden change is not ordinary! I would recommend prayers but since the man does not seem to be worth it I would suggest you move on with your life. God can never forsake his children. This is just a temptation and it will pass in due course. Don't go back, live your life and keep praying about it, if he is under a spell God will deliver him. Good luck

  5. Dear poster, it's unfortunate you are facing such challenge, this is the reward for your distance courtship. You see what your so called faith hast caused you? Can that your pastor salvage this situation?

    Look, there is no degree in marriage ofokwa masters. I hope you have not been bragging with your virginity and masters? It's doesn't mean anything, all you need is to know what you are not doing right and amend.

    I pray he gives you second chance. But, running to your parents, what has your parents done to reconcile and return you? Or are they supporting you to go ahead and marry another man? Or didn't your faith tell you that it's for better for worse?


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