Friday, May 15, 2015

Should she resign from a federal job and unite with her family?

Good afternoon ma'am...want to go straight to the point..thanks for all the advice I have received from your page...I posted sometime ago about being married and working in a federal establishment in Abuja while hubby stays in pH..and how I tried visiting him every month but spent a week with him....due to some reasons, hubby has asked I resign from my job and come back to PH to take care of him and our three months old wasn't easy living without him cos each time I come back home, I have to start studying him all over again...I'm just confused...should i resign?? I have tried transfer but not forth coming...,please I need your advice...thank you ma.

Dear sender,
What other suggestions do you have with regards to the welfare of your home and the health of your baby?
How do you hope to manage your responsibilities at home with your duties at work?
Have you discussed extensively with your husband considering his financial strength and any other alternative plan should you not get job immediately?
I believe these will guide you in making the right decision.


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  2. Three months old baby and a hubby you have to start studying again, each time you visit him, yet you're still contemplating and seeking advice if you should move to PH, you better go and manage your home, before another person will manage it for you, like they say family comes first and family over everything. #enoughsaid

  3. WOW pretty difficult considering how hard it is to get a job.its easy to say do this or dat but at the end u gotta live with d consequences.please may i send u my cv when ur about to resign???and ph is hooooot,u might want to think twice about leaving ur hubby in ph alone

  4. Me I no go resign, work no dey. The man should resign

  5. Dear poster, reason with your husband, if he is financially stable, you may relocate to PH and start up a private business which will give you chance to take care of your domestic matters.

    Meanwhile, if you are qualified to proceed on leave of absence, apply instead of resigning while you make contacts on your transfer.


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