Friday, May 15, 2015

How do I forget about him now that we are separated?

Good evening ma please hide my identity and notify me when posted....
How can i get over my ex? we separated and i want to forget everything about him.

Dear sender,
You need to appreciate the fact that you did not lose yourself to him because he left you.
You also need to understand that because he left you, does not mean the world is against you.

Some people may be a blessing while others may be there to teach us a lesson.
What you need to do at the moment is to focus on your passion,discover your purpose in life and let it consume you.
Do not spend any second worrying,regretting or blaming yourself for how the relationship turned out.
The truth is if you two were meant to be, it would have worked out but since he gave up, you do not need to lose hope.
Look your best, be your best, celebrate life and believe God for the very best.
Your husband is God's promise, do not worry, in due time, He will perfect the desires of your heart.
Cheer up and be happy.

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