Saturday, May 16, 2015

He dumped her after two years of romance

Good morning Aunty Amara! Please help me ma for am dying inside me now! 
It all started in 2013, we both attend the same Church, we did our baptism together and have our workers in training, he's a worker and so am I, he asked me out and I accepted he said he does not want sex that we should just get know ourselves better. If possible we can romance which I accepted, 
Ma have been to his place two times anytime I went to his place we always had issues, he will be busy chatting all through my staying. I would get angry and leave after which he will apologize, I get to know there is another lady in Church he have been seeing both of them with, when I asked him he said the lady is his friend more closer to him than me, that even the mother can not separate them on hearing this I got angry and I left for over six months now.
Ma just few days ago he started calling begging me for forgiveness that I should come to his place let's settle things, hmmmm, I went to his place, he was even kneeing down thanking God for having me back that he never believed I would forgive him again! 
Ma we both had fun together, we played did a lot of things except sex. After everything he started by begging God for forgiveness and sat me down telling me to move on with my life that he is a christian and don't want to sin against God, after this he started by asking me about the girl I have been seeing both of them in church. That he love the girl but he was scared of asking her out and I should advice him on how to get her, ma after which I got home I found out that he has deleted all his chat with me on whatsapp and facebook from my phone, Ma please advice me what should I do, I feel hurt, for the past three day now I have be thinking and crying. Thank you ma God bless you as you post.

Dear Sender,
Please cheer up and remember that those who do not appreciate your value are not meant to be close to you.
Wipe your tears and move on, if possible please delete every trace of him from your phone and never you visit him for any reason, meeting or fellowship.
It is painful he does not care about you and insensitive for him to openly torture you emotionally with no respect for your personality.
Make friends with those who have a closer relationship with God not those who work for God.


  1. My darlyn be strong for yourself & those who care about you. Treat yourself well so when he sees you he will see that you are doing well & glowing. He might want to come bk to plead never ever accept plzzz. You are to be treated like a queen not a begger or a desperate person. Cheer up the right man is out there he will find you. Love you

  2. church brothers and be me and them.they are d worst.they join d workers to be percieved as spiritual.but if you hear what dey do amongst demselves.hmmmm...this story sounds so childish n annoying.please move on n take heart.

  3. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage! God didn't take his rib to make you, the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh will locate you. Keep it no sex, proud to hear!

  4. Go and tell the other sister and report him to your pastor. Lol. Some born again brothers sha. Pray and leave him to God your own will come.


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