Saturday, May 16, 2015

They are all after my body, please help!

Aunty Amara, I love you soooo much and I love what you are doing. May God give you much more wisdom. I am big fan and follower of AVL but this is my first time of writing to you and i'll be very glad if you post it with my identity undisclosed.
Please I've had so many guys coming my way but i perceived that all they are much more concerned about is sex. The one i was even forming a bit serious all of a sudden stopped keeping in touch because we graduated from the same school though he is my senior but we didn't know each other. 
We only knew some other people in common. We met on facebook, he was all loving up, we talked about a lot of things, he also talked about sex, fantasized a lot about it. One day i stated it to him that am not in for any sex just because of the way he talks so much about it even when we haven't met. 
He kept forming as if he was cool with my decision. When i traveled to my school, he came down, we lodged for three days,but i insisted on no-sex and that's how it was though i was a bit sick that period but i wasn't sure of him even though he has been making marriage promises which i knew that's the new tactics men use to get women laid and am so conscious of it. 
According to him after he had left, he liked all what he saw in me, saying i looked better physically than in picture, but i punished him sexually, we still kept in touch, he began to ask me when next we shall see, I said i'll find time but i told him if sex is in his agenda, please let him rule it out, lets be more concerned about making the relationship work, gradually he began to draw back. 
Now he doesn't even call neither do i after several attempts to know why he suddenly changed? Aunty all the guys that are coming just want get in-between my legs first and if i refuse, they begin to act strange (including some that i had a level of assurance of how much they love me). 
Please AVL male fans, must a guy sleep with a girl before committing himself into a relationship with her? Thanks and God bless you all.
Dear sender,
I am proud of you for knowing who you are and what you need in a relationship and from men.
If all they see in you is your body, then they do not know who you are nor do they care about how you feel.
Do not be discouraged by those who are out to abuse you, commit yourself to God and believe nothing but the very best from him.
There are some men who still respect and appreciate ladies without demanding sex and I believe God that you shall meet the man who shall make you feel happy and fulfilled in life and in your home.
You are God's precious,please do lose your virtue.


  1. Saint Paul even said it that he isn't perfect but striving for perfection. So it won't be easy but you can do it through Christ who strengthenes you. Keep it up & one day the right person will walk up to you & you will live happily ever after.


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