Saturday, May 16, 2015

She is not forthcoming, should I quit?

I have a problem,
I don't know how to tackle it. Am a kind of guy that has vowed never to date someone i will not wish to marry, and i belived in faithfullnes of which i have been keeping it as my personal quality because I know it will help me to keep my family, secondly i find it difficult to love someone but when i do, it will be as if it is imposible for me to hate nor leave the person, and this my character or principle has started causing me much harm in my heart. Because there is a girl i love more than anybody,she has been close to me and she is all i want though she has never accepted to date me, she is the one my heart accepted to the extent that for over a year now i have not searched for any girl since i knew her. 
I have tried all my best to have her but still not yet successful though sometimes she will appear like she want to accept before i know it she will start to say another thing, this has caused me a lot of harm internally and still i see myself seeking for her even when i want to discontinue please aunty help me

Dear Sender,
I am glad that you have the vision to be a faithful man and husband to your wife. It is both commendable and encouraging that you truly desire to be a responsible and focused man.
Though you did not state her age, I believe that with mutual communication and patience you will understand her better and know her feelings to the relationship.
Since you two communicate very well, be a friend she can confide in, encourage her with loving messages, find out how she is faring and what she is going through.
Help her when it is convenient for you.
Express your feelings to her, do not assume that she will understand by your actions.
Compliment her and give her some time to make up her mind.
With patience, understanding, love and selfless commitment, I believe you shall receive God's best for your family,


  1. Aunty Amara has said it all. However, try to communicate more so you can undstand her better. Its very difficult to find men who has decided to be faithful I pray that God continue to strengthen you. Keep it up.

  2. My brother , what is yours is yours no matter how long it takes, if she's yours she'd find her way to u. My husband is a very good example of your case, he waited on me for 8 years, I dated all the guys I wanted to date, he kept saying except he is not a child of God, I'm going to be his wife. How it happened still remains a mystery to me. But as the saying goes,all is well that ends well.. I'm happy now. So if she's yours,God won't allow u make a mistake she will definitely come to u for good.. Keep praying for clarity.. Other times it could be God is keeping her away from you cos it's not meant to be. You won't end up with the wrong spouse in Jesus name. Amen


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