Saturday, May 16, 2015

My sister-in-law, my headache.

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I got married to the best and loving husband in the world..we lived in a two bedroom flat,I and my husband sleep in one problem is my sister-in-law who always show me attitude for no reason and a guy who is not related to my husband live with us in the same flat took a room too.we share the same toilet and this guy can spend one hour inside the toilet. 
There are times I always urinate inside a plastic cos i cant wait for him to finish inside the toilet. My sister-in-law don't help at all in house chores and am older than her. I do it alone because am the wife. If we meet each other in the morning, if i greet her good morning she will reply in yoruba"bawoni" (how are you) as if am her slave. I cook for them.
Now that am pregnant i still do but am getting tired of it. No privacy at all. I discussed with my husband about it and he said he CANNOT send his sister away and the guy because when he was nobody he squatted with someone too that i should learn how to tolerate them and he got me angry..
I want to start buying my baby things and there is no space inside my room to store it.
Its really giving me heartbreak.Please advice me on what to do.sorry for any errors

Dear Sender,
I understand how frustrating it can be for you to put up with your sister-in-law and your husband's friend.
But do not let these temporary inconveniences weigh you down.
Every marriage comes with peculiar challenges and the way we handle them can either make or mar a beautiful home.
Be patient with them and be encouraged by the fact that it is only temporary and with the arrival of your baby, your husband will be forced to make some adjustments for your baby.
Be at peace with them, do not exchange word with any of them.
Do the little that you can and please ensure that you do not engage in strenous activities that will put you and your baby in danger.
Also commit everything to God in prayers and ask him for the grace, wisdom and the patience to enable you manage the situation with maturity.


  1. Hence hour husband has said he can't send them out. The only thing now is to pray for wisdom & understanding to follow them o. So your husband won't see it the other way round. The Lord is ur strength & he will see u through.

  2. Pray them out of your home so they don't cut short your happiness.

  3. Fromm your mind from stress, and do the once you can do.

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  5. Hmmm... It is well, ur case is quite pathetic but prayer is the master key. Do not relent in praying it really works. Pray your sister inlaw out of your house by asking God to give her a husband and God should provide a job for the other guy far away from your town. It is well once again

  6. Do not worry they will not live with you forever just a matter of time they will move out.


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