Sunday, May 17, 2015

Unequally yoked, is marriage worth the risk?

Good day Amara please hide my Identity when you post this.

I have been dating this guy for about eight months now.  He is a wonderful man and has brought love back into my life and has asked me to marry him. I agreed.
As a result of my previous painful break up I used that time to seek God for comfort and to become born again. I never had time for the Lord, all I was focused on was on my relationships.  I have learnt so much by studying the word especially on family and relationships.

I suggested that my fiance and I go for deliverance and prayers to break any bondage or curse unknown from our pasts so that we would enter into our marriage with Christ being the centre.

He refused and said I must stop all this spiritual stuff and this born again jargon

That he is a christian and lives a normal and decent life.  I told him even atheists live a moral and decent life but its not enough to be called a child of God and that faith without works is dead.

He got upset and has been ignoring me for a week now and it breaks my heart.
As women we all want to get married but I have learnt that desperation causes us to marry the wrong person.

Readers is it wrong for me to want my fiance to truly seek God as his first love?
I see all the posts of women both married and unmarried going through hell.

I don't want that anymore because I know how it feels.  I want a man who will not only love me when its convenient but also during trials.
I have learnt that Trials don't build but reveals a persons true character, and that's what caused the breakdown in my previous relationship.
So readers what your opinion, do I break up or take the huge risk, marry him and hope his faith will change.

Dear Sender,
Marriage is an institution ordained by God for the benefit of man and the expansion of His kingdom here on earth.
No one can succeed in marriage if such a person does not have a close relationship with God which also is different from the denomination the person worships with.

Because Marriage is sacred journey, it is very important not only for ladies but for men also to marry partners who have the fear of God, who is willing and ever ready to grow in love with their partner even when they are experiencing trying times and painful circumstances.

However that a man refused to go for a deliverance with you does not mean he is an unbeliever but if you are convinced that you are spiritually compatible with him, please do not marry and hope for change.

You may not have the patience to persevere and the experience may be unbearable for you in those moments.
Pray, seek God's face and ask Him to reveal his will for your life and marriage, for only his will shall make you enjoy marriage here on earth.


  1. I love this site..

  2. I think u really need to adjust ur approach to religious issues. How can u bloodly ask someone to go for deliverance? Did he tell u anything is wrong with him or u want him to do just everything u say bcos he wants to marry u?

    Lady, u have no case, u are just being difficcult and I think it will be best that guy leaves u to ur fate. U lack focus and direction, u even lack the will power to live. U may have been religiously manipulated into sheepish followership of pastors. With all the fake churches springing up, I won't blame anyone who refuses such.
    Hospitals are for the sick, not healthy people.

    So are u sick or u just want to drag ur boy friend too far?

  3. I love this blog..amazing job Amara

  4. Bia sender,

    From my analysis, the guy is morally cool, only that he doesn't want to go for deliverance with you. What makes you think that he needs deliverance? Who told you that he is in bondage? I think your problem is over religious lifestyle.

    That you saw people passing through hell, have you not seen those that have undergone multiple deliverances and still have their loads of problems?

    This is the problem we have here, most of us claim to be Christians while we are not. Christianity is between you and your God. This your approach is wrong and might cause issues to the guy cis your religious view is different from his.

    If you can't adjust, look for another man who is compatible with you o, marriage no be pastor come pray for me.


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