Sunday, May 17, 2015

My family refused me from going back to him

Please Aunty Amara hide my identity and let me know when you post this. 

My hubby has been maltreating me and asked me out of his house, I swore never to go back to him, at a point when I left him to my parent's house, suitors started coming. 

But now my husband is back to himself and has been begging and I have accepted his apology, saying that he has been manipulated and doesn't know what has come over him, they also gave him prayers which he has completed the fasting and prayers. 

I told him I accepted him because of our child and how he has been good when he married me at the initial stage until he started maltreating me. 

But my major problem now is that my family has refused me of going back to him, my husband has been begging them too and they refused, I don't know what to do again. Its true that what my husband did was so unfair by beating me several times, 

I think he has changed because I have suffered him enough and he has gone ahead to put it in writing that he will never touch me again,it was written and signed in the court that if he dares it I should take it to any level I want. Please fellow pals advice me on this situation, whether to move ahead with him or stay back with my parents. Thanks as you drop your own advice
Aunty Amara please also advice me.

Dear Sender,
I understand the fears and concerns of your parents about the attitude of your husband and I can only imagine the pains, agony and fears you went through in his hands.

Though he may have repented and genuinely may have made a decision never to raise his hands on you, your parents may not be as comfortable as they were which was why they have vehemently refused you from returning back to him.

This is where you as their daughter need to reassure them of those qualities that made you get married to him and encourage them not to write him completely.
When they see the need for your happiness and peace in life, they would reconsider their stand.

Your husband on his part may need to visit your parents with an elder who your parents respect and will listen to to plead on his behalf.

While you take these steps, pray and submit everything to God knowing that he is the only one who can make your marriage to prosper.

You do not need to let anyone make this decision for you because it is your journey, your happiness and your marriage.

Pray and get closer to him to receive the grace,patience, understanding and the virtues you need to build your home.


  1. My sis the choice is completely yours

  2. I believe at this point in your life, you should know what matters most to you.
    Yes he may have been a mess but I know there is still grace and mercy.
    If truly he has changed, please forgive and accept him back.
    encourage your parents to pray for you.

  3. Try and convince your parent and go back to your husband.and make sure you show him extra love😉

  4. Ask your family why

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  6. For me, I may be wrong but I don't think people change that easily and I feel your parents see things the way I do. This change may not last 6months before the bashing continues, listen to your parents.

  7. Go back to your husband house.


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