Friday, May 15, 2015

Her son Hates Him, Should she Marry Him?

Good morning Mrs Amara. Please I need your advice and that of your fans.
I am married and blessed with three kids. But unfortunately I lost my husband two years ago, and presently I don't have a good job to take good care of myself and my 3 kids. I am a medical practitioner and I studied in a college of Health but I had a carry over, and I needed money. But there was this man I met. I used to go and administer intravenous fluid to him when he was sick. Incidentally the man is a widower with 5 kids and he is very rich and caring too. He asked for my hand in marriage, but I am scared of marrying him because I don't know if he is God fearing. In addition, my last baby, my only son doesn't like seeing this man. My son hates him with passion and does not accept taking anything from this man. I begged this man to assist me with money to start a business but he refused and said that what he wants from me is to take good care of his children and that of mine. The man is about 45 years of age. Please Auntie Amara, given the above scenario and how my son hates this man, should i go ahead and marry this man, or should I not marry him and stay with my kids? Please I need your candid advise and that of your esteemed fans. God bless you.


  1. Advice your self on this, you know what you want. #PullPant

  2. I m really sorry u lost ur husband and I quite got ur points that it's not been easy for you coping single handedly. But I I must advice u stop seeing that man as a saviour. Your marrying him shd be based on pure love and nothing else. But since u re worried of whether or not he's God fearing, it depends on what u re looking for in a husband and u need to sort that out before marriage. If everything works out fine, then it's ur duty to convince ur kids bcos its not quite so easy to adapt. But in everything seek for Gods guidance and direction.

  3. hmmmm...poster,i will sincerely advice you to forget about this man..why should he attach conditions to helping you? that man can even stop you from working since he wants who will take care of his are no maid please.he should get a maid for his kids if he needs one.

    meanwhile as a health prctitioner,hope you know that it is very wrong to have intimate or emotional affiliation with your could compromise you.becareful

  4. No matter how well to do he is ,the burden of 5kids plus 3 making it 8 is not going to be easy. Its equally clear his sole purpose of remarrying is to have a house keeper and nanny for his kids of which you should be aware that any hope of improving on yourself while married is almost impossible.
    Please,face your children and try and work out your education. That man isn't for you. if he can't lend a helping hand now, he won't when you marry him.

  5. The day u stop seeing that man as ur helper,thats d day u become wiser,get busy take care of ur kids and hope on God


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