Friday, May 15, 2015

Ways to Discern a Man's Vision

Good evening ma, Please I need answers to this question... They said for a marriage to work the couple suppose to have same vision and same goal in life... Please how do you understand a man's vision? Its there any specific way or specific questions to ask so as to know his visions?? Thanks

Dear sender,
They must not necessarily have the same vision but they must agree to work together with one vision,one purpose and one goal for their marriage to succeed.

Every man have a vision and a passion that drives him everyday.
For some its business, for others it maybe fashion, or skills or any other thing.

If you pay close attention to the things he invest his time on mostly, you will discern his vision and passion in life.

To find out, ask him, what his hobbies are,they are the building blocks.
Then enquire what his interest and passion are in life.

Then you may ask him what he hopes to have accomplished at a certain period of his life.

Note that what a man does for a living may not necessarily be his vision in life but may be a means to fulfilling his God given vision.

When you understand a man's vision, it will help you as a lady to know his greatest need and also know how to be of help to him.

A man without vision will make a woman miserable in marriage so do well to know his vision to avoid divisions in your home.


  1. You can ask him what he want or what he want to become in next 2years, with that you will know where he is heading to. But it is more better for you to have similar interest or vision with your partner that will enable you guys to work together and achieve your goals. #PullDatPant

  2. Aunty Amara I love your advice. Nice one, God will bless you. How I wish I will be like you one day


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