Saturday, May 30, 2015

How do I quit playing ?

Good day Aunty Amara. Nice work you are doing here I must say may God bless you. I actually sent in a request sometime but unfortunately it wasn't posted although I'd be so glad if you can post this for me please. Aunty I've been a player for some years now and I want to quit the habit. 
I currently have about four girls I'm in a 'relationship' with one is even married although we started as lovers before she later got married, broke up and came back first as friends after exactly a year she got married and before we knew it the feelings came back again and we continued dating. Most times I feel guilty dating a married woman and karma is gonna hurt me in future but she tells me she doesn't love her husband anymore rather I'm d one she loves and can even file for divorce for my sake if I so desire. One of the ladies I met online through the social media about three years ago but we haven't actually met physically - she keeps giving one excuse after another though I've tried severally to call it quits with her but she keeps telling me how many suitors she's sent away because of me and that she see's a future of the both of us together. She gets emotional each time I say I even need a space and I'm one person that can't stand seeing a girl get hurt. I tried as much as possible to raise up quarrels with the four of them to see if any would get angry and walk away from the relationship but rather even when they are not at fault they would still apologize and tell me they're sorry and still cherish the relationship. Last week I told them I got into a serious trouble - reason was to see who really cares because aunty I really love them all. I was so surprised to see how each one of them went ahead and tried so hard to see how I could come out of the 'problem'. Aunty Amara and fans please I'm so confused right now I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried so hard for them to go but they don't wanna go. Even the allowance I give to them regularly before I've suspended it for about two months now. 
I wouldn't say they're desperate for marriage because their ages range from 19-24 while am just 22 even the one that's married is just 23. Please how do I let go of them because there's no way I can get married to more than one. Do I just go ahead and change my line thou I see that as childish or should I just still go ahead and breakup with them thou it will hurt them and would make me feel guilty being a heart breaker. 
Please how do I handle this situation? Sorry for the long write-up ma.
Dear sender,
A player is someone who does not know who he/she is, where he/she is heading or coming from, what he/she truly need and how best to maximize what he/she have.
They give reasons why variety is the spice of life but at the end they are always empty and uncontented because the variety still leaves them with no benefit in life.
A player wastes much more than he/she can imagine, they waste, time, resources and ofcourse the other person they are engaged with.
They most often are dying of confusion but unfortunately they take pride in their escapades cos they feel that is "life" if only they knew better that they were approaching dooms territory.
I will start by reminding of this, please when you know what is evil, do not listen to the convictions and the commendations of another person because you do not know how the impact maybe for them and you may not be as lucky as they were.
On that note, let me plead with you to leave the married woman alone, you two dated in the past but currently she is married and her husband is not dead.
Please respect the God that this man serve and leave his wife alone.
I wont say more than that.
You must be very responsible, and hardworking to place all your babes on allowance.
Trust me many babes may wish to apply if they learn of your generous heart but at the end, you will be the one to loose more.
Sit down and count your cost before you set out to sing love song to ladies.
Who are you? Identity!
What are you here for? Purpose!
What are you willing to give your life to? Passion!
Where do you hope to end? Vision

When you have succeeded in getting answers to these questions they will guide you to know who will be of best help to you.
That all ladies are singing for you doesn't mean that they would all help you become a better man.
Discern a partner who have your vision at heart and please date that lady.
If you are mentally, emotionally and financially ready for marriage, then you can go ahead and settle down while you build your home.
When you are convinced of a lady, please tell the rest the truth and set them free.
Do not because you want to be a nice man become an emotional manipulator and a lair.

Seek God's face for grace and wisdom, remember, all that glitters,truly fades with time.
Allow God to come into your life and help you overcome your weaknesses in discerning what you need from what you feel you want.
He will guide you to his perfect will and will perfect all that concerns you.


  1. Bros, na u really be that guy wey dem talk say devil dey dance alanta for him life?
    Better change from ur ways... U dey sleep with married woman? Ur own don dey go be that oo.

  2. Please poster leave that married woman alone, as for the other two i have nothing to advice you on them. But for the married woman leave her alone.

  3. A player that " can't stand a girl's hurt" very contradict.


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