Saturday, May 30, 2015

How can I forget him forever?

Good morning Aunty Amara. Please I need you and your fans to advice me on this.I dated a Muslim Boy For four years. Two years in the relationship he cheated with a Yoruba Muslim.
He begged and we continued.when he graduated in 2013 he cheated with a Christian girl in his school and saved her name as my Wife.
When I found out i broke up with him and he came and begged that same day and sends lots of messages i didn't forgive him cos i was still angry,after that time he didn't say anything concerning the break up again but he was always calling me which made me feel he still had me in mind.
I got admission in 2013.and went to school he kept communicating with me that made me not to move on 
When I went home for holiday he came to see me but didn't talk about the break up, he reminded me of how we used to be together and and all that.
In 2014 November the Christian girl sent me a text that i should leave her husband alone,that she understood the guy met me before her and they were engaged to be married blah blah...then the guy told me if i loved him i would have stayed and fight for him.
From there I started telling the guy that since we broke up I have not been into any relationship cos i still believe in us then he told me he is still with me that we can be dating and when i find someone else i can leave him and follow the person.
Though he sometimes told me that even before he started cheating.I begged and begged the guy I lost myself esteem,He didn't bother about my health cos am a cancer patient.both his family knows about my health and they loved me.
He has told me things can no longer be the way they used to be.and that what happened between us was not because of the girl at a point I started pleading with friends to call him and beg on my behalf still he has refused.
Note sex was never involved it was romance and other stuffs cos I am still a virgin.all this pleading happened last year December and the guy doesn't even call me again even his girlfriend does not stalk me again.Now the boy is working and they are very rich.
He once told me that when he gets married to me that I won't be going to church but I can be reading my Bible and watching TBN.
That I will be his first wife and later on marry an Hausa girl.
Please my people for over six months now that he said we can't be the way we used to be and rejected all my pleas to have him back.ever since have not been able to move on at times it seems I have gotten over him but later on I start thinking about how we would have been going out now that he is working 
Please how can I get over him forever.The Ibo Christian girl he is dating is now looking good.
Some people said it's because I didn't give sex.But all through the four years we dated we both can get undressed and romance 
But he never asked of sex.we stared dating in 2009,the guy was 21 while am 24. Pleasssssssssse my people I need help.
Dear sender,
What i captured from your mail was a lady who is seriously ignorant of her identity, who is currently missing on her path and purpose in life, someone who is looking for someone to carry her while she simply sleeps in his arms.
I am deeply hurting myself that you are yet to discover yourself and give your life a meaning.
Please sweetheart, there is more to life than following a man up even when he has literally dumped you after getting all the feel of your body that he desired.
There is more to life than competing with another lady over a man who also does not know the difference between romance and responsibility.
Please I am pleading with you to stop day dreaming of what life would have been simply because if God wanted it that way for you, he would have convinced him and he still have the capacity to use another man to bless your life.
Please get busy and build yourself up.
Start up a business or learn a skill if you are so free that all you do is think of him.
By the time you start counting how much you make on a daily basis, you will surely not remember him for anything.
I believe you deserve a man who will not tolerate and reduce you to a browsing object but a man who will celebrate you, appreciate you and invest his time and life in you.
Look up, God is able to give you the kind of man you desire, talk to Him and do not give up on Him.
I also pray that God will curse every cancer cells in your system and make you whole in Jesus name amen.
I am proud of you.
Please you are too beautiful to dwell in your past for the rest of your life.
Move on, the sky is brighter today than you can imagine.

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