Saturday, May 30, 2015

My husband is an unrepentant adulterer, please advice me

Hi Aunty Amara and fans thanks to you and the house for being of immense help. please i have a problem to share and i need you and your fan's candid advice. I am a lady in my 30's, I met the guy am engaged to in 2002 when I got admission in one of the polytechnics in Nigeria and he traveled out in 2008 and came home for our introduction in 2011 after the introduction the pressure was much, he asked me to join him over there, I left the government Job i was doing and my school, and I did and my parent were in support of it,so i had my first baby there, I had problems with my studies then which I later told him about it and he said no problem so i ventured into a professional course. 
But we're back to Nigeria now, he set me up,(am my own boss) and he's the one paying all the house bills and I do appreciate him for doing that. But this guy is an unrepentant adulterer,he's messing around with so many girls new and Ex-girlfriends, he masturbate, he's a drunker ed which we've fought over it several times, now am carrying the second child in my womb about to deliver and i just got to know that he's also a smoker, whenever i complain about all his bad ways he always come-up saying am i in lack of anything? he doesn't have regard for me or my mother at all...
Now am thinking of leaving him after giving birth because I can no longer stand the stress of cheating and the instability involved. I deserve Love, peace and stability. 
But am helpless and hopeless I've no one to fight for me my mother is very gentle, I only believe in my Dad as a minister of God,but he's late now...
Please advice me. Thanks!
Dear sender,
Its both pathetic and painful that you have to experience this at the stage of your marriage.
But i feel for you more because I fear you were driven by what you needed which made you not to know his shadows and attitude before getting married to you.

From his response, I feel he does not see anything wrong with his attitude as long as he provides the money and the food you need.
It would have been much easier if on his own part he is challenged to change his attitude for the sake of his family.

But as painful as it maybe, it is not beyond redemption, fair enough he does not beat you nor does he bring his escapades home.
So you still have greater opportunity to win him over to yourself again.

Pray for him and continue to pour out your heart to him, remind him of your love and appreciation of all he has and is still doing for you.

Remind him of the dangers such attitude would have on him over time and in the life of his children later in life.
If you can keep those drinks he love most in the house, maybe that would help him to stop drinking outside and hopefully chasing women because it is drinking that makes a man feel high to chase another skirt.

Prepare his favourite meals and get him those things you know he cannot resist.
Leaving him may never be the solution, instead you may be giving him the licence to bring a new lady home and as a result he may remarry depending on how much he has with him.

For now, focus on your baby and give your heart to preparing all your baby would need and what is good for yourself.
Eat well and do not get so worried that you forget that you need to be alive for your children.

I am praying and I am hopeful that God would restore him and transform him to become a better husband to you.

Do not give up on God and do not stop encouraging him, its a battle that must surely be won by the grace of God.

Cheer up and be hopeful.

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