Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is it normal to circumcise a female child?

Goodmorning AVL, thanks for the good work you have been doing to humanity. 
Please Ma i want to be enlightened on "WOMEN CIRCUMCISION" Please is it normal to circumcise a baby girl ? Is there any after effect ? Am asking because my wife discussed with me whether i approved circumcising our baby girl though this is our first issue,which i earlier agreed but this morning she mistakenly told me that her father called and asked if I accepted the circumcision. Right now am confused to know whether it is right or not. 
Please Ma throw more light on this . 
Thanks and God bless you. I'm anticipating to hear from you
Dear sender,
There is no benefit, advantages or any good reward a female child benefits from circumcision.
As a matter of fact it is against the law for you to circumcise your female child.
The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a female child, and it is the power house of a female's sexuality.
Circumcising a lady is simply tampering with her God given nerves and organ and whatever reasons or purpose it was intended is defeated because the female child grows to suffer for the rest of her life as a result of the decisions her parents took on her behalf.
She cannot enjoy sex like she ought to all because her clitoris wont be as sensitive as it ought to.
She cannot experience orgasm because her clitoris would be numb as a result of the circumcision.
It offers no guarantee that when you circumcise a female child, she will not go out to seek for friendship or sex when her hormones rages so there is visibly no benefit, none really for you to put your daughter under the knife,
Circumcision is solely for a male child and not for female child.
Give your child the best care she craves for but do not circumcise her please.
Thank you on her behalf.

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