Saturday, May 30, 2015

He beats me a lot

Good morning ma,am 28 years in a relationship with a guy of 35 years we are planning of getting married
The problem I have with him is that he beat me a lot and shout at me at any given opportunities he does not want me to relate with friends and family he doesn't trust me he embarrasses me any were he feel like.
I don't know what to do, I tried moving on but he won't let me be.
Please I need your advice ma
Dear sender,
Maybe I should remind you that it takes life and good health to enjoy the rewards and benefits of marriage.
Life is as sacred as marriage and nothing can and should take the place of your life.
In any manufacturing company you find yourself, you must have seen SAFETY FIRST or something similar.
It is also applicable in relationship and marriage. SAFETY FIRST!
If you are in a relationship where your life, the peace of your mind is being threatened, please do not try to leave, LEAVE to avoid being a casualty of someone's insensitivity and appreciation of life.
Marriage is deeper than relationship and in marriage you may have a lot to consider unlike now.
So do yourself that favour and weigh your options first before considering what next to do.
Discuss with him extensively and share your views with him.
If there are things which you do that trigger some ugly experiences you may also need to work on them but please do not manage anyone who is a threat to your life.

A relationship that is devoid of trust, friendship and mutuality of purpose is only a disaster waiting for the day of explosion and one that will drain every energy and passion you have in life.
You should know what is good for yourself and go for it without feeling as though you are owing anyone any favour.
In all please do not compromise on your happiness because nothing is worth your happiness.


  1. Run for your life. Or maybe you just want to answer Mrs.

  2. He won't let u leave! Did I just hear a 28yrs old girl like me say dat?? Is total bullshit. I think u don't know who u are nd don't believe in urself. So keep enjoying his beating cos it makes u feel alright. Gushh!! an pained

  3. Madam,and u are still with him,im sure u enjoy the beatings that's why u r still there,dont worry maybe u r waiting till he kills u before u know u can leave.n trust me he has another woman he loves n cherishes,u better run for your life.

  4. Your man is obviously an animal. Please escape for your life. Do not believe that he is going to change. His type changeth not.

  5. You're digging ur grave. For how long will u put up with this,na wa o! U get mind. Your problem is that u feel u wont get any others but the truth is dat there r thousands who would treat u far better. Nne u deserve d best biko!

  6. What's his nam? I think he's my ex. Babe, plz escape like I did b4 he does more damages.


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