Saturday, May 30, 2015

I think he is not serious

Good day Aunty Amara Thanks for the great job,am into a relationship for three years now,my fiancee is a loving and caring guy if only you understand his principles,am rounding up my National Diploma by September and he has been the one sponsoring my education and all my needs I don't lack anything.
The problem am having right now is since last year December he told my dad that he would be coming for introduction which he failed coming and always telling me that soon,though I understand him through his nature of job, he is a soldier but I just think he is not serious.
Please I need your candid advice.
Dear sender
Military job is one that involves great discipline and principles. No matter the plans of a man, he must get approval from the authorities else he may be putting his own life on the line.
It is quite different from being a celebrity where you are free to do as you bid and wish.
If he has been there for you through your days of need and has provided for your need in school, and has also assured you that he hopes to marry you and also did well to give a period when he hopes to come for introduction,I do not think it would be best for you to assume he is not serious.
Take your time and discuss with him to know what his challenges and hindrances maybe.
Understand first what his limitations maybe so that it would guide your decision.
Communicate with him and get to know how he is faring, show some concern and appreciation.
When you must have discussed in details with him, you would get one or two information that would guide you on what next to do.

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