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Christians would have crucified Christ

They accused Jesus of being possessed by evil spirits just because He challenged the Pharisees, Sadducees, and leaders of the synagogue. The temple was very beautiful but the souls in the temple were filthy. They worked for their own belly and were more after titles and positions in church than after God. They observed every religious doctrine, but their hearts were far from God. They sat with kings and princes and wined and dined with the same people they should be speaking against. This is the situation of the church and our “men of God”.

I am sure that if Jesus had come in this our generation, He would have been crucified by today’s fanatical Christians and “men of God”. If the prophet Jeremiah were to be here, he would have been killed a long time ago. I am not a great fan of Pastor Tunde Bakare, but sometimes when he speaks, I am 100% on his side. He knows what he is saying by the recent call for these men of God (so we call them) to be jailed. 

The easiest way to legally manipulate and defraud people is
now by registering a church with the Corporate Affairs office and even if it is not registered, getting an abandoned warehouse. Isn’t it time churches begin to pay tax? For the orthodox churches, I can understand when they are asked not to pay tax because they are administered by the church council. But what do we have to say about our Pentecostal pastors and chief executive officers who render no account to anyone and sign cheques at will.

Don’t get me wrong, if there is anyone who should be blindly following our thieving preachers, it is this lady called Amara. I was raised up by a pastor and my father is now 46 years in ministry. But I thank God that my father did not raise me in deceit and lies. I was raised to question whatever I am not at peace with. I was brought up in the church to follow the teachings of Christ and the Apostles and not allow myself to be brainwashed and condemned to eternal fear by a fellow man trying to use me for wealth. This is the state we have found ourselves as a people.

I would be attacked and called all sorts of names by the blind followers of these men and women, but it’s okay; I understand where you are coming from. The truth is that we now play religion thinking we are spiritual and close to God. The fact is that we have been manipulated to believe we have to spend 20 hours of our day in those mighty edifices because that is where God is and we must work in His vineyard. Have you tried to find out why that man reprimanding you for missing night vigil during your exams forces his children to read and attend extra lessons when it’s their own time? Have you sat down to find out why they use your own children to do all the menial jobs in church with no pay while their own children are out there in America and Europe

 A pastor friend and a great and honest man of God wrote something (and I agree with him) that ours is a dependency culture where pastors organize programs upon programs and have people virtually living in church thereby ignoring their ability to think and reason with their God given brain. Our pastors have so manipulated Nigerians that they can no longer think with their brain. Pastors now think for us. What a shame.

 Stop feeling guilty because you were unable to attend that mid-week service and weekly night vigil. Stop feeling guilty because you missed a church program that took place while you are at work. I am sure some people must have foolishly resigned from work just because they must be in church. The Ten Commandments is about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Your Sabbath could be Saturday or Sunday. Am I against you going for mid-week service? Even though some churches don't know the difference between mid-week Bible Study and Sunday service, I go for mid-week service because that's where you are taught and made to study the Bible. But when I am not able to do so, I don't allow anyone to make me feel guilty. I know the Bible says you should not neglect the gathering of the brethren; who are your brethren? Are they really brethren? Wait until trouble comes calling. Does the Bible tell you not to go to work or leave the office before closing because you want to please pastor? God is a God of order who does not joke with authority and laid down rules. If you can, attend mid-week services; attend crusades, but don't do that at the expense of your job. 

If you are a pastor reading this and you are guilty of this, please stop deceiving people; stop using their brain. Stop manipulating them into believing they must be in church from Sunday to Sunday to make heaven. Stop too much preaching of miracles and advise people to go and work because that is one of our solutions to quick money. Preach the truth of the word of God.

 Our problem is that we have dropped the Bible. We no longer spend time with God and His Spirit. We no longer study the word of God and because these men know that Africans don’t like to read, they have taken undue advantage of us. What a miserable people we are; just gullible in the name of being spiritual.

Every building now has a church. Sometimes you see six churches in one building and they engage in unseen battles against one another. Can’t you run your ministry by serving under another man? Even when you want to be independent, can't you run your ministry without opening another warehouse for people? Where are the evangelists without big auditorium? Where are the missionaries? Anyway, I understand; madam wants to be addressed as 'Mummy GO' because she feels Daddy Adeboye’s wife is not the only one to have that name. 

Sometimes a Deeper Life member does not relate with a TREM member because he is not in his church. What is going on?
You go out there and even sponsor negative publications against another man of God just because he is doing better in ministry. You advise your people and committee of criminals not to associate with them; you preach and say a lot of things to them against that other man of God. God is watching!

If I may ask; what moral justification do you have to get angry with someone for breaking away from your ministry? Haven’t you heard that what goes around comes around? What is the foundation of your ministry? How did you start your own ministry? A pastor (one of the private jet executives) founded his church on falsehood. His General Overseer, who is late, gave him money to set up a branch of the ministry only for him to divert the money for his own ministry. I pity Christians because we enter churches and join ministries without trying to know what the foundation is like.

They tell us to store up treasures in heaven, they ask us to give and give more so we can have mansions in heaven. They tell us to pay tithe, but they don't observe the condition given by God to the Levites for receiving tithe-“You shall have no possession or inheritance among My people. They buy private jets and build schools and estates in their name with money from the church, even poor widows and orphans. Tithe is for food to be in the store house. The store house is for the congregation to be fed. If anyone has no food to eat, he or she goes to the priest who in turn goes to into the store house for food. The priest and his family also feed from the store house. Do you remember the story of Eli and his children? That is the state of the church.

Do you think that people acquiring private jets and building estates and schools with monies collected from the poor who can't afford to send their children to those schools and hospitals still think of heaven? Do you think they still think of rapture? How many of them even talk about rapture? The fact is that heaven will be full of surprises. A good number of our “great men of God” are living in past glory.

Man of God, tithe is for the work of the ministry and not for private jets and businesses. Who are the members of your board? You are the chairman, your wife is the vice chairman, and your ten year old son is the treasurer while your unborn daughter is the secretary. You do all these and then gather fools to donate money for you by telling some good stories of your call into the ministry, claiming the Lord told you that fifty people are going to give ten thousand naira each, and doing all kinds of miracles through necromancy. I just pity the gullible Nigerians because you can never use ‘God said’ to take my money. I am a great giver to God’s work, but I support when I see the necessity; I support missionaries more.

Tupac Shakur could have been "mad", but what he said about the church is true. You build a mansion and lock it up only to open it twice or once weekly. Even when you see a destitute beside the church, you kick him out. Do you think that God is interested in your auditorium which is the largest in the world? Don't you think He cares more about those He made in His own image? 

You discourage people and brainwash them not to give to your junior pastors by telling them you have paid your price in ministry and so they must wait for their own time; you are a wicked man. You use your inner caucus to manipulate people into losing their brain all in the name of religion. God is watching you.

We now live in the era of private jets and so church members would be talked into putting their bishop in that class and his wife into a limousine. They justify their greed by telling us that Jesus rode on a white donkey. But what they won’t tell you is that it was a borrowed one. These ones pick whatever part of the Bible they like to justify their evil doings. Some constantly remind their followers that once they curse them, they are cursed and this makes them follow blindly without questioning things. God wasn’t foolish when He created the brain and gave you His Spirit. The one in vogue is the ordination of their wives and making them bishops and archbishops; it's now competition on who wears the longest and heaviest gold cross on the chest... God have mercy.

How are they going to criticize our political leaders and speak against them when they wine and dine with them? How do you expect them to tell their members to stay far from them when they depend on these thieves to thrive in ministry? They run to them every month for prayers of protection and blessings; how many have picked up the microphone and like Prophet Jeremiah, like Rev. Akinola, preach against them? Who knows the source of their private jets and limousines anyway. 

I have seen that our “men of God” are getting worse and crazier for worldly things. The old time religion is long gone from us. We now live for this world alone instead of eternity that we preach. “They call me Lord but their hearts are far from me”. Nigerians, please run from these ones and discover God yourself.When you speak and their followers attack you, go on speaking; they would have crucified Christ. 

Where are the Berean Christians? 

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