Friday, May 29, 2015

My husband cannot speak good english

Good pm aunty Amara,
Am married to most loving,sweet,caring man but I have a problem.
My hubby didn't go to school, he stopped at O level but a successful business man,he takes very good care of me and our son,the thing is that he doesn't know how to use his tenses correctly and am bothered about it though I do cover his flaws like when we are out we use broken and he is ever ready to learn,sometimes he ask me to spell some things for him or ask me whether a sentence is correct.
Please how do I go about this and not to hurt him because I love him so much please your advice and that of your fans is needed.
Dear sender,
In life you are only provided with the raw materials and the wisdom you need to transform it to what you so much cherish.
God graciously blessed you with a responsible, caring, God fearing, loving and a teachable man as your husband. 
There are some men that their ego wont even let them listen to you talk more of asking you to teach them.
There are some men that their success wont even permit to consider your feelings or your opinions about his choice of words.
So please always remind him of how proud, blessed and happy you are having him as your husband.
Prepare those meals that will make him want to go out of his way just to make you happy and never you look down on his use of tenses but appreciate his efforts and zeal to learn.
Perhaps he never had the opportunity to go further in his studies which made him delve into business.

Be patient with him and make it fun too with him. He is your husband for life so you have the lifetime to bring out the very best in him.
The steps you have adopted are not bad but you can add some few tips to make him learn faster.
Always speak with the right tenses and when he makes mistake, you may say honey you meant "...."
When he uses the wrong tenses, or asks you to help with spelling, you can say something like, Obim, you know I will always be here to help you because I love you.
When you are with him and you lay on his body, you can get a simple grammar book and learn with him after which you end the class with good kisses.
You may tell him something special you can do for him if he can spell some words you learnt with him.
At any point you wish to teach him, let it be with all love, understanding,patience and calmness of voice.
Do not say, why did you forget this or why haven't you learnt that. Remember that it will take some time.
But with you as his wife and coach, of course I hope to receive his mail of how you not only brushed him up but also how you made him publish a book titled "education is best when your teacher is someone you love" .
The ball is solely in your court dear, give him reasons to love you more by helping him become a more polished handsome, loving and successful business man.
That's what makes you a virtuous woman.


  1. Aunty Amy, may God bless you for me.

  2. Gbam! Nothing else to add. The purpose of Marriage(Companionship,Friendship,etc.),is to bring out THE BEST IN EACH OTHER. Aunty Amara,thanks for this reminder! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  3. Poster u can help him. My fiance also had a problem with his tenses. I correct him and he's learning and improving. As Amara said, it's easier when u have someone who's humble enough learn.

  4. Tnk u very much,anty amara for this 1daful advice. I just wnt to add smtin. Dear poster, wt love, try to find out if ur darln is intrested in attending a higher institution (part time), if yes! Take it upon urself to get him the addmision. I believe wt u nd his sch! U will be amazed @ the outcome soonest. U are a darln! Like ur spirit


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