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How do I remain faithful to my wife in marriage?

Good morning ma,I have question,if you feel is necessary to post for more ideas or comments,then please do so By the special Grace of God soon I will get married,my question is,how can I stay through out the early period of my marriage without cheating on my wife,cos I have noticed that,lots of marriages,go through it in the early stage of their marriages,though I have always told my friends,males and females that I will try my best to resist cheating on my wife,but is easier said than done,most especially now that I have not ventured into marriage.

Dear sender,
I was about to start writing your feedback and this verse in the Bible dropped in my spirit.
 ''Let marriage be held in honor (esteemed worthy, precious, of great price, and especially dear) in all things. And thus let the marriage bed be undefiled (kept undishonored); for God will judge and punish the unchaste [all guilty of sexual vice] and adulterous''. Heb 13 vs 4 (Amp.)
I may give you thousands of tips and suggestions but none would be better than this verse.
The message is clear enough and its purpose and intent easy to understand.
When you enter into the covenant of marriage, you walk into the realm of divinity, the things you called yours and owned will automatically become shared with your wife.
Every decision or action you take do  not only have effect on you but on your wife.
And while as the head you are free to look where you wish, the consequences most time affects your home.
When you walk into marriage, you become a high priest, a leader, and the role model of not your wife but your unborn children and whatever you do or not do have a spiritual impact on your children which is most times the most sensitive part of your children.
How do you remain faithful to your wife in Marriage?
Always remember your vows before God in the presence of many witnesses.
You vowed with your lips and you are to live for the rest of your days fulfilling that vow unto God.
Always remember that your wife is first God's precious daughter given to you as a gift to love and protect, in all circumstances and challenges of life.
Always remember that you are accountable to God and to her what you do with your body because it no longer belong to you alone.
If you cannot tell her you slept with her friend or your ex, please do no even think of doing it.
Always remember that in marriage, you are separated from your friends,families and fans and united to your wife.
So you have to make her part of your life in your vision, purpose and intentions in life.
Always remember that there is no gain in cheating no matter the reason,and whenever you have a challenge with your wife, your best help is from above and not from another lady.
Always communicate your need to and with her, and listen to her views, she is there to open doors of favour, please do not ignore or feel her views are cheap because sometimes what your wife perceive may be of great help to you.
When you are single, you can do as you please but when you are married, you have a responsibility first to your wife before any other thing.
Before God, your wife comes first, before others, your marriage comes first.
Give your marriage the attention that it deserves and you will enjoy the benefits there of.
Always pray for your marriage and remember it takes the grace of God to be faithful to your partner.
It is not what you boast of with friends but what you work out with your wife.
You know the things that may likely trigger your appetite for strange women, please avoid them and minimize your time with friends for your family.
Celebrate your wife and appreciate her the best way you can. What you receive from God is both sacred and the very best, never you give God any reason to regret favouring you with the help that will meet your need.


  1. My brother, it is a matter of the mind. Your body can not automatically start chasing women on its own. Condition your mind that you will not cheat, as soon as thoughts of other women enters your mind, rebuke it, don't stare at other women because from staring you start longing and fantasizing and before you know it your wife loses her appeal and you start chasing others. Try to cut off friendship from other women, your only female friend should be your wife. I have been married just two(2) years but I can honestly say I have NEVER cheated on my wife. Most people who knew me as the randy he-goat I was before I met my wife find it hard to believe. God is your strenght.


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