Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is he joking?

Good Evening Aunty Amara and the fans God bless the works you are doing..
Please I need to know something I and my boyfriend have been dating for close to a year now he is 34 I am 29 we are in a long distance relationship he lives in Nigeria and I live in Europe last week when we was on phone he kept telling me about how many kids we are going to have and how our marriage would be and so on but about three months ago, I asked him about his future plan and he said he would get married but not at the moment and I told him I was not ready too because I have some project to finish since then I did not ask him anything about that again..but now whenever we talk on phone he always tell me about problem he serious or just joke around with it, you know guys with their sweet mouth lol thank you so much...God Bless you

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