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Body Odour and Bad Breath

Body odour has made people lose wonderful opportunities both in the business world and in the dating arena. I have seen employees relieved of their jobs, preachers and motivational speakers alike lose audience, business men and women lose customers. People have lost great relationships and left heartbroken... All these for one simple reason -BODY ODOUR.
No matter how well you dress; no matter the ride, there will never be a ‘distinguished’ and ‘gentle’, before the man if you go about with this foul odour. There is nothing like you being a lady if you move around stopping people from breathing well. I know you are not happy about it; I know you hate the fact that you are battling with this problem, I want to help you with some possible solution 

Before I go on, let me tell you that some odours are as a result of clogged pores. Some odours don't come from inside the body; they are as a result of one’s inability to wash his or her clothes properly. I see men go for days wearing one shirt with the sleeves and neck very dirty; some even have sweat marks on their shirts. I once went into a bank around the Ojodu area of Lagos, Nigeria only to be attended to by a young banker who had perfume on but behind the good smell was a foul odour. It was odour coming from a shirt that has been worn over and over without washing. Some ladies go for days without washing their bra and girdles.

This said, odour comes from different parts of the body

When you don’t brush your mouth regularly, plaques form in your gum leading to odour when you talk. Mouth odour, medically called halitosis, can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems. It can also be made worse by the types of food you eat. If you don't brush daily, twice daily, food particles can remain in your mouth, promoting bacterial growth between teeth, around the gum, and on the tongue. This causes bad breath. Brush regularly, brush well before going to bed.

After you must have done the above and the odour continues, you should go to a dentist to be sure you don't have yeast infections of the mouth or cavities. If you suffer from dry mouth, a medical condition called xerostomia, you are unable to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. When this happens dead cells get decomposed in your mouth leading to bad breath. Your doctor must be consulted. 

Diseases like pneumonia, chronic sinus infections, chronic acid reflux, liver problems, kidney problems, and diabetes may cause mouth odour and bad breath.

Don't forget; detoxification is necessary for that fresh breath. There are so many detox products in the market. You can also settle for a good detox diet like fruit fast, juice fast, or the master-cleanse diet .
Before I forget; take care of those hairs growing out of the nostrils. You need hairs in, not outside your nostrils. 

One of the causes of your body odour is the bush you have underarm. It’s disgusting to see men go about with that very thick forest. Its more appalling when your neighbor in church, instead of focusing when pastor asks the congregation to wave hands to Jesus, stops breathing while praying for the worship session to be over (sure you get it). 

Some have told me they simply don’t shave because of the irritation that comes after. It’s possible you have not been able to discover the right method for your skin type. Again, if you have a very sensitive skin, you should try keeping it well trimmed and healthy. Your wife should be your therapist and if you are yet to have one, there are beauty spas around. 

There are different hair removal methods available- waxing, threading, laser, electrolysis, and depilatory. Go for what you are comfortable with, also consider your pocket. 

Go for the right deodorants. A good number of us buy products just because they saw it on a friend or simply because it’s expensive. The price doesn’t always make it good for you. I have seen cheap products that work wonders and are best suited for my skin.  Some are expensive and worth the price while others are just as good as those cheap ones. Most times, we pay for the packaging, country of origin and not the content. Guys please go for products that are best suited for your skin and climate. 

Pubic region
When it is left unshaved, there is every possibility that madam will find it difficult resting her head on it because she won’t be comfortable with the odour emanating from your southern hemisphere. Some men wear their boxers for days before washing. Constant change of underwear isn’t for the ladies alone. Your pants are not to be worn more than once before washing. Let me also tell you this; always go for a cotton underwear. Ladies, those lycra panties may not be good for your body. What about those who have the habit of tying themselves up with girdles and cycling shorts? Yeasts thrive on moist environment. Allow some air into your body. Sleeping with your underwear on is a no-no. 

Having your shoes on for a long time, especially under a hot climate, is one of the major causes of leg odour. Depending on the nature of your job, take your slippers to the office and have it on occasionally if time permits. You can also take your shoes off for some fresh air when you have to sit for a very long time and your legs are hidden under the table. 
Learn to change your stockings just like your underwear please. You can’t avoid having odour when you wear one stocking for seven days. For the guys suffering from athletes foot, always apply a foot powder before wearing your stockings. Above all, don’t go for more than one month without a professional pedicure.(the sense of hygiene of the salon/spa must be put into consideration).

Enjoy your odour-free body. 

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