Monday, June 1, 2015

My heart is bitter, what do I do?

Good evening ma,thanks for the wonderful works you are doing here.I need your advice and that of your lovely fans.
Am a girl of 23 years old in one of the university in eastern part of Nigeria.
Am in a relationship with a guy of 28 years.I met him when i was about to finish my IT in Lagos from the bank he works with about eleven months ago.He has all i needed in a man except that he is not too tall(4.8)and am (4.3).
I love him so much and I believe he loves me too.He has taking me to their village and their family house in Lagos to see his people.
He came from a poor family,sorry to say this my family is better than his but am so comfortable with that because he makes me happy.
My problem with him is that he cheats though he told me he has changed but when i traveled to see my aunty in Lagos,but my main purpose of going to Lagos is because of him not my aunty.
So i saw his chat where he was toasting one female colleague.though the girl turned him down but am afraid.and again i saw where he was chatting with his cousin brother about me saying that have all he wanted in woman just that am not tall, that any woman he wants to marry must be up to 4.5 fit tall and that was why he disqualify me and again they discussed about a girl he newly met and he still comparing i with the girl and that so far am ahead of the girl. 
I confronted him about the one of his colleague and he could not say anything,and i ask him is it because am not in Lagos that made him to be doing all these things.but i don't know how to tell him about him having another girl and still comparing me with her even before this i have also seen his chat with the same brother of his asking him where he kept the condom he bought .
I confronted him in a cool manner of which he apologize and i forgave him but this time around my mind is telling me to leave him but i still love him with all my heart and i have never cheated on him.please ma what do i do because my heart is bitter now
Dear sender,
A cheater may never change because he does not know precisely what he need and may hinder you from meeting your own happiness.
A cheater is naturally selfish and emotionally manipulative, always promising to change but never changing.
If you have seen all these tale signs that he has littered with his chat and conversations with his friends, I feel you have enough information to make the best decision whether he is truly what you need in a man and partner or he is just another man who cannot be trusted.
Remember, if he manages you, he will never celebrate nor appreciate you and he may always mingle with other ladies until he finds whom he would celebrate.
You are too beautiful to be tolerated, please date a man who appreciates you totally and gives you many reasons to be happy in life.


  1. Nne, u are in a relationship with him, u have done ur own assessments and marked him good.
    Whereas he is still doing his own assessment on u, both of u agreed on the height issue. He saw all he needs in u except the height, u found same on him but decided to overlook it for now.

    Assuming he doesn't meet ur needs in a man, would u in all honesty not open ur doors to other men? That is exactly what he is doing. He is looking out for a taller girl, which when he gets, he'll determine the relationship with u.

    I'll implore u to make a move to determine the relationship at this stage. So u will know ur stand, this is not a case of cheating. This is a case of two people being at cross-road.
    U want marriage, u want love, u want him, he wants u but for ur height.

    Tell him what u saw, u might just tell him u felt it not that u saw it via his chats so he won't be seeing u as a nosy person. So u will know where u stand. If its not working out, then kindly take a walk.

  2. Young lady,your guy is not a husband-material yet. He is an adulterer-in-the-making. Save yourself the pain. Loving him is not enough,and won't stop him from hurting you. He doesn't even know what it means to be a man,nor what to look out for in a woman. Save yourself,future disaster. I think you will need these -

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  3. a cheater wil always remain a cheater, d earlier you forget about him d better for you. don't even think he wil change because am sure he won't. dear i don't even tink he loves you, so why not save your self the future heartbreak now dat it is not too late. a broken relationship is far better dan a broken marriage. he don't worth your love so why wasting it o him.. dis is time to move on 4 God has shown you d signs now.

  4. Jideofor has raised valid points. If you ask me , your boyfriend is still exploring other girls. You don't matter much to him. Take a firm decision now!

  5. My dear the guy is busy looking for a taller babe which when found u will be dumped.

  6. Did you say you did your IT? You need to leave man matter alone for now and seriously focus on yourself and your English. That write up is a. eye sore your grammar needs serious brush up.


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