Monday, June 1, 2015

Good morning ma,hapi new month/week to you and your fans.God bless your works.hide my identity.please i need your advice and that of your fans.i lost my virginity when i entered the university,i put in all my time,love and emotions and i went through hell.not only did i get beatings,cheating,sex every minute of the day.atimes i'l skip school to do house chores for this man(student),cook with my money but at the end i was dumped for another girl for reasons best known to him.i was so naive and innocent then,i was heartbroken and almost ran mad,i developed a very highblood pressure which am still suffering till date.when i got back my life with the help of my frend(female)i met then in school who always take me on her runs outings,telling me things about men that men are not worth my tears.....i decided to move on and take my revenge.i have slept with almost 30men(married,single )just in the name of revenge so i thought not knowing i was killing helped though because i hardly trust men anymore and once u do sometin bad to me,i'l leave you for another man(am not proud of all these).am a very quiet girl that anyone who sees me will never believe my story.but right now am gradually coming back to my senses maybe its because i need to settle down and i dnt have any serious relationship not because i have forgotten about the past it keeps coming back to my head.i need help and advice on how to forget the past and start a new life.please dont judge me.

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