Thursday, May 28, 2015

I am addicted to Masturbation,please help me out!

I'm a 22 years undergraduate in one the Federal Universities in Nigeria. I solicit for your advice and measures as to putting a stop to masturbation. Ever since I turned 16 years,I've been into this, owing to the fact that I grew up with the mentality that sex is bad not for singles. I resorted to masturbation because I felt I'm the only one involved because no girl is there with me and by that I can as well remain a virgin but I now finds it very difficult to stop. 
Even the virgin,I'm no longer because I've engaged in sex in few occasions.I finds it difficult to control my sexual urges and that have perpetually left me in this masturbating act and its really a challenge to me. I've tried getting a girlfriend because I read that it will help me stop it but I'm such a shy type,finds it very difficult to approach a lady and even when I do,I changes the topic because I feel I might be turned down and I can't stand the shame. 
I've become so addicted to masturbation and I really wanna stop this. Recently,I noticed that my organ is becoming slightly curved and now 6.2 inches contrary to its 6 inches when I measured it before out of curiosity.I'm really afraid to continue with this problem because I feel its masturbation that causes this curve and once it stands,it will hardly go down unless I robs it especially in the morning. 
Many a times I feels so embarrassed to come out of our lodge in the morning and this is really getting me so worried. Insult is allowed but please help a brother with your good advice.

Dear sender,
First, lets get this right, no matter the reasons or excuses you may have to justify masturbating,it is both selfish, evil, ungodly and harmful to your health.
It will cripple your neurotic nerves and make you not to appreciate sex anymore.
Because you have made it an addiction, you will lose the whole essence of becoming a responsible and a successful man to masturbation.
It is emotionally disastrous because it leaves you empty and in need of more masturbation.
It is psychologically deceptive because it impresses your mindset by justifying it with reasons which you know are not true.
It is medically unhealthy because, you are exerting manual pressure to your organ and may damage them in the process.
It is spiritually a sin.

Understanding what masturbation is will help you appreciate the prison and the evil manipulation the enemy has placed you into.
You need to realize that you cannot fight addiction by defending it or using the wrong means.
You cannot overcome addiction even if you marry many wives, you need to begin by changing your perception to masturbation.
You need to defeat masturbation in your mind, only then can you be happy in your relationship.

These tips may be of great help to you
  • Give your life to Jesus Christ.
You need to realize that the totality of yourself which includes your sexual feelings is a gift from God. You need to surrender totally to God and leave yourself to him.
Whenever such thoughts come to you,remember that you are accountable to God for what you do with your body.
  • Feed your mind with word of God, gospel songs and inspirational articles/books.
To effectively overcome masturbation you need to constantly study, God's word and daily meditate on it.
What we do most times is what our mindset has preconceived and we were convinced of them before we made it a reality by our action.
Deliberately decide to feed your mind with God's word and do this for a record of thirty to sixty days without ceasing.
Refrain from watching any movie or keeping any friendship that will arouse you to masturbate.
It is for your own good and your own safety.
  • Do not keep a dark corner or privacy for any reason.
Masturbation is a sin that thrives most in secrecy and in the company of no one.
So to help you, you need to avoid any form or kind of secrecy or privacy and learn to make friends.
No one will consume you if you do not permit them to.
No lady will turn you down when you are a man of purpose and integrity.
Nobody will harm you because you expressed your interest to be their friend or to date them so do not hide under the shadows of timidity and be destroyed by masturbation.
  • Have an accountability friend
Here you need to not only write down your daily progress report on overcoming this addiction but you need someone who will remind you on daily basis your commitment and decision to overcome the addiction.
Talk only to a counselor who wont make mockery of your challenge and always let him know your struggles so that he will suggest ways to overcome them.

With prayers and your personal decision to overcome this addiction, I believe that you shall indeed win over the addiction.

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