Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good evening big sis,may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ be with..... From when I joined this page till now I have read how you've treated cases,,,,, Please I have a problem,I met a friend on social media and fell in love,though we have met each other but before we met I told her how much feelings I was having for her......i love her so much that even now on my hospital bed am still thinking of her.......please was I wrong to profess my undying love for her?,,am asking because am getting confused .....just wish you can help me share so I can get advice from my fellow AVL fans.......Thanks.
Dear sender,
There is absolutely nothing wrong with professing love to someone you love.
It only shows that you know what you love and is bold enough to admit it irrespective of the limitations of distance and time.
However there maybe more to

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