Thursday, May 28, 2015

Is it right to put the financial burden in marriage on men alone?

Good day ma,your page has been a source of inspiration to me,through it,I have learnt a lot of things about relationships and marriages Ma please I just want to know,as regard marriage,whose right is it to pay all the bills,I was discussing with some girls recently and they said their husband would do EVERYTHING..from paying house rent,to bringing money for the house,school fees,children, clothes and every other thing inclusive,they said that their salaries (the women) is only for them and they would only bring out money when me,I feel its too much burden on the man and it should be shared between them. Ma,please I just want to know if its right to put the weight on the man alone or if it is to be shared,thanks

Dear sender,
You see,the beauty of fantasy world is that it never gives conscience but only gives many reasons to believe in their illusion.
Marriage is a joint venture where God has made man the head, as one who provides the need for his home, as one who protects his home from any threat, one who is to nurture his family in the knowledge and fear of God and one who is present to support,cheer and encourage each and every member of his home with his major priority on his wife.
While the wife is there to help the man to achieve, fulfill these goals and possibly exceed them.
When the man is weak, it is the wife that will cover him up.
When the man himself does not have as he used to, its the wife who will cover him up from shame and public ridicule.
When the man need someone to talk to, its still his wife that he hopes to reveal his heart to.
If a woman then knowing the challenges in her home and the circumstances of her husband's pocket decides to ignore him while she eats her money, her home will not only crumble but she would have failed in her assignment and duties to her husband.
Marriage is a joint venture, who should spend more or less is dependent on what the couples have agreed to do and also on the stream of income available to the couples.
But I will always stress, let no one allow financial security to ruin your matrimonial fulfillment.
Most times it ends up with many regrets.

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