Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I don't ever want to remain in my village but he is my happiness.

Hi Aunty Amara and fans, good day and kudos for your good works. please i have a pressing issue to share and need your candid advice. 
Am aged 25 and in HND in one of the fed. polytechnics in Nigeria and my guy is aged 31 in the same level in another poly. we have dated for a year now and we love each other and plan to settle down after our school. 
He proposed and i told him to get a job first so.we wont suffer, we are from the same village though my dad never supported our relationship. the issue is that he insisted that he wont leave his parents cos they need him. he is the only son and i don't ever want nor plan to remain in my villa here in Owerri and even stay with his parents after marriage and that's the only thing that might bring about our separation, i feel bad cos he is my happiness. and am determined to relocate back to Lagos and work there cos that's were i was born and brought up. what do i do?

Dear sender,
A relationship is a journey of compromise and sometimes you may have to let go of what you cherish so much for the good of your partner and your happiness in return.
I may not know how well you may have discussed this issue with him but from the tone of your mail you do not see any future in your relationship with him.
For the sake of your happiness, take your time to reconsider your options.
Is where you were born and brought up your most important priority in your relationship?
If he is the only son and child of his parents, how awesome will it be for him to abandon them in the village and live with you in the city?
What suggestions have you brought before him to show that you care and you appreciate his sacrifices for his parents?
Or are you more concerned with what you will gain and benefit at the end of the day?
An honest meditation on these will guide you to know what is best for yourself and for your relationship.


  1. Dump him, he doesn't love u, if he loves u, he would abandon his parents and follow u to where u wish to settle down, just as u would love ur only son to leave u to follow a woman to the city and leave u.

    Go to lagos, dangote might sight and marry u. U will have big money and be the wife of the richest man in Africa. U won't need to remind him to secure a job first as the money is already there and u will never suffer, unlike if u are with this boy. U don't need to look for work urself ok, u know ur hands have been chopped off by saw, so u can't work and earn something for urself.
    Forget him, lagos will feed ur happiness and before u know it, u will become omoh oko sisi.

  2. Lolz but what will he be doing in d village? as a young man doesn't he need to go out,get a job and prepare for the future but he still wanna be stuck with his parents. Dearie u don't need such men!!! U need a real man and besides who said he is gonna forget abt his parents, na wa for that kind guy thinking.


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