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Guys; Guide to a Successful First Date

You are a guy who is always in a serious relationship. You are a guy who hasn’t dated for years. Or maybe you are a guy who has never been successful with women. Whatever your situation, there are some common rules to follow when venturing into the dating jungle. Women are trained from day one in the act of dating warfare. They have a physical and emotional arsenal that you may never hope to match. But you won’t be outgunned if you properly prepare for the battle.

Dating can be frustrating for men-it’s hard to figure out what women want! My tips will make it clear how to act, what to wear, what to say to make it attract-and keep-the attention of women who interests you. The mysteries of women can never be completely revealed, but we come as close as we can to help you find the woman you like, ask her out, and embark on a successful relationship. With the right approach and knowledge, communicating with a woman can be more than just a frustrating mystery!
Have you ever wondered why it’s difficult getting the girl of your dream? Why do
girls get attracted to you initially only to leave when you are just beginning to enjoy the relationship? Do you know women analyze everything you do on your first date and it leaves a lasting impression?

Don’t let the excitement of meeting a girl make you lose your fashion sense. Get clothes that fit you, suit you, and are contemporary. Always put into consideration the nature of the meeting. Girls always look at your shoes when they meet you first. The kind of shoe you have on says a lot about you. If you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of her? Please be very careful when it comes to selection of foot wears. Little is much when it comes to fashion. 

Guys are often accused of smelling bad. Don’t push the girl away by your bad smell. Get some good cologne and grooming kit. Form the habit of regular showering. If it is your first date, please don’t rush in from work only to rush out immediately without freshening up. You should have this in mind while fixing a dating appointment. Get a good haircut. Brush again before leaving the house. Use a good oil or moisturizer on your body to keep it silky. If you appear tattered, she won’t see beyond your appearance. Don’t bath with the cologne just to impress the girl. Let all things be done in moderation. Always keep it simple.

Women want a man who has some ambition in life. Any job is better than none. I quite agree with you that a good number of ladies want the super-rich guy for a date. But I also must tell you that there are still some among us who look beyond the physical knowing that too much money today could mean no money tomorrow. Let the girl see a focused man in you. No normal woman would like to be associated with a man who has no vision. Have some ideas of your future plans because she will ask questions about your prospects. Even if they pretend it is not important, it is.

The first thing to say to her is, you look beautiful before you even ask how she is.Keep up the compliments throughout your date, but do not go overboard (3-4 times for the night is more than enough).A woman loves to be complimented, to feel beautiful and believe you are attracted to her. The more sincere and observant your compliment, the more impact it has on her.

Prepare for conversation with her. Don’t be fooled into believing there will be much to talk about. Make up your mind on things you want to talk about. Avoid talking about past relationships, other women and too much of you. Let your discussion be focused around her.

She didn't ask for the date, you did; please pay for it. Man or woman, whoever asks for a date should take care of the bills and if you are not ready to take care of the bills, please let her know ahead of time that the bill is to be shared. Yes, ladies like me always want to take care of themselves and the man when on a date, but if you take her to a place that is beyond her pocket, don't expect her to foot the bill. Also don't assume she knows that already. Not just in a date, when you invite people out, please let them have the terms and conditions ahead of time. But I would advise you take care of your first date with her. When a man takes it upon himself to pay for a date, he is displaying the act of “chivalry” that is missing from many men these days. BE THE MAN!

Women do not appreciate stupidity, and laziness is no excuse for sounding dumb. A good knowledge of current affairs is important to show you know all about the world you live in. There are some questions I use to access a guy’s level of intelligence; you want to know? It remains a secret. I believe there are some ladies who don’t believe it’s all about your fat bank account. To this group, intelligence counts. But please be careful not to make a fool of yourself in the quest to leave a lasting impression.

Is there anything as embarrassing as you taking a lady out on a date only to leave the place staggering or talking without making sense? That girl will never forgive you. Even if you are addicted to alcohol, please try to control yourself when you have a woman around you. Just a glass of wine or champagne will do. You can also go the healthy way by asking for a fruit cocktail and water. I bet you, that girl will make you her dream man instantly (not an assurance). Do not extol the virtues of drinking in the bar 5 nights a week. Let her see your class and decency. Don’t bore her with your bragging about how many bottles of Heinekan or Henessy you can finish at once and still stand. It only says one thing; he is not the man for you.

If you are looking for your dream girl, there is nothing sexier than a patient man.Why would you get the girl to the point of getting drunk simply because you want to take advantage of her? Please avoid the temptation of getting that girl to have sex with you before she is ready. Any relationship built on sex will never stand the test of time. Sex should be a mutual thing. It’s only a wild animal who can have sex without the partners consent and cooperation. I always advise ladies to be conscious of the fact that when it comes to sex, they are the ones on the receiving end.

Please read up manners, courtesy and chivalry. A woman likes being treated with respect. Lose the coarse language, the swear words, the rudeness to attendants, and the laziness. Know how to eat in a restaurant. Know how to hold the door open for a woman and help with her seat. Listen to what she says but don’t lose your own opinion. Show her respect every step of the way.
What about your table manners? Please make sure you take your manners along to the date. A friend had to quit her relationship because she could no longer move on with the shame she goes through whenever her man took her out. According to her, he talks with his mouth full and shouts in the name of talking. He also messes up the pounded yam with soup with some loud sound coming from his mouth while he chews. Avoid that usual sound people make with toothpicks.
It’s never about money and social status. Every decent girl wants a man who will adore her and make her feel like a queen. I am not saying you have to lose your masculinity. Gosh! It is appalling seeing a man become a woman wrapper. She wants you to be the man who can protect, love, correct, and adore her.

Please give up smoking if you can. Even the producers of cigarettes have warned that it kills. But if you must continue smoking, avoid it during your time out with your girl until you know who she really is. And when you smoke, don't do it inside the restaurant. 

It is safer finding out what your woman wants in a date. You should allow her be the woman by finding out which restaurant she wants to visit. Always get her opinion before driving out. This is very necessary if you are meeting her for the first time. As you go deeper into the relationship, try to understudy her. Does she like rowdy places or she prefers a quiet and private one? What kind of food and drinks does she enjoy? What kind of music appeals to her? These and many more are the things you need to find out in your choice of a restaurant.

If you are talking to a girl for a while and wondering if she likes you or not, all that matters is if she is asking you questions. But be careful how you handle this. Don’t rush into conclusion because a good number of girls will act as if you are wanted while in the actual sense, it is either your pocket is cherished or she's trying not to make you feel unwanted. If by about twenty minutes into your conversation with a girl, she doesn’t at least ask you for your name, age, or occupation, then that means she doesn’t care about who you are. Hey; the next few days after this date will tell you if she cares or not. 

Okay, you have succeeded in having a lunch or dinner date with her. What happens next? Is she going to score you high or make mockery of you before friends? I would advise you don’t even ask for an intimate relationship with a girl at the first few dates. I prefer to have intimacy spring up naturally. Start off as just friends and watch the relationship grow.
 Follow me on this journey and I promise you, after this series,you are going to have a more rewarding relationship with the woman of your dream.


  1. LOL, Joseph, my elder brother actually told me this shoe thing a long time ago. It must not be shoes as in shoe, but women like to see your footwear neat and we'll kept

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