Sunday, May 17, 2015

I love him so much,where do I go from here?

Good day ma&thank you for all the help you've been rendering to us...
May God continue to bless you for us...amen Please notify me when this is posted There Is this guy I started dating in February, though we have been friends for a year now because when he was asking me out last year I was having problems with my ex &I turned him down because I thought we we're going to work things out (my ex&I) but after some months of waiting I found out he has another girl so I had to end things with him. Coming to My present boyfriend, we have only been together for two months then I started noticing that he was becoming distant... Then one morning I called him to know what was wrong, then he said that nothing was wrong&that I didn't do anything wrong but the thing was that he has decided to let me go, that he doesn't deserve me, that by keeping me he'd be keeping me from meeting a good guy that would love&respect me...He also said that he has a lot going on in his life now&that he needs to focus all his attention on his studies, that he can't give me the kind of attention I'm looking for right now..... I love this guy&I want to be there for him but I respect his decision enough to stay away from him but even that Is killing me... I just want you guys to lecture me on How to forget about him&move on even though I don't want to,I know I need to...thanks all.

Dear sender,
Every relationship is a journey, we all hope for the very best but we are unaware of the challenges we may encounter nor when the end shall be.
We fall in love with those who may not have our interest in their heart not because they hate us but because it was not destined for them to be part of us.
We may wish otherwise but our wishes is little compared to God's promises and plans for us.
We most times feel disappointed,exhausted and angry because we feel they were the best of God but in reality, God was only working to give us what is better than what we thought was the best.
There may not be any therapy that may instantly heal your pains.

But when you look up, you will have every reasons to believe that he who made the sky is not done with you yet.

Cherish the moments you shared with him, appreciate those times he made you feel loved and happy.
Regret over nothing, If he was destined for you, God would have used every means to make it work.

He was just a good man you couldn't have to yourself, God is preparing a better man for you.
Cheer up and be happy, you are too beautiful to give up on God and in love.


  1. Infact the way I'm falling in love with Amarachi only God knows. May God bless you wella! My husband will say you're reading Amarachi again. I'm a big fan though I don't comment much but I ponder on your words alot!
    For the poster; focus on yourself for now, he is a good man for letting you by words and not my punches

    1. Awww, thanks Seun. My love to your family

  2. Maybe he want to know how big your love is to him, go and talk to him i believe you may have change of mind but if he doesn't then move on with your life and keep away from going into any relationship think about the future and what you want in your life.

  3. Dear poster, I feel you need to work on yourself, confirm why they run away after being with you for some time. Though you didn't specify your age, but dating someone who still wants to focus on his education sounds childish. What can such relationship offer? Mostly instant pleasures without future.

    The worst thing you can make is to force yourself to a man, you will surely worth nothing. Meanwhile, you own your feelings, you can rule your world. Don't think he is the best man ever, he is just one among millions, dust yourself off and try again, this time, deal with matured guys and you, exhibit matured qualities.

    Good luck

  4. Dear Amara,

    You are one of a kind, you're doing great. I read most times but don't comment. Your pattern is really revitalizing lives. Compliments.


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