Sunday, May 17, 2015

My bedroom is cold, what do I do?

Amara, have a question for you.
Am married for three years now. For over ONE year now my hubby has declined in making love to me. His reason are a times, tired,drunk and lazy.keeps professing his love for me. But i need to have my own kids What do I do?

Dear sender 
I understand how you feel and the pains you are currently experiencing in your marriage. His lifestyle, age, eating habit and the nature of his job may affect how powerful or otherwise he is in the bedroom. To help him, start from preparing healthy meals for him. No more fries or meals that contains cholesterol, use garlic, ginger, and moringa seed in preparing his meal. If he is hypertensive, then be mindful of salt and also the stress his body can take. A good dose of exercise would effectively help him to perform better. Encourage him to quit drinking because it would most likely affect the quality of his sperm and the rate at which he desire sex. Give him some loving massage and always give him reasons to look forward to meeting you. Decorate your room and give your body a massive boost, remember for him to rekindle interest in sex, his mind needs to be connected to your body. Be encouraged by God's word and do not give up. Keep praying for him and also go for a medical check up to be sure that you are medically fit to have babies. With patience, understanding, and love I believe you shall have your babies in no distant time.


  1. Maybe you're no more attractive to him,however let me give you 2 tips cook a delicious meal for him and allow him to enjoy it then call to his attention and talk to him about this issue second go to the shop and buy a shoot transparent sleeping wear and body spray in the evening take a good shower apply the body spray then put on the night wear if he is watching tv in the sitting room go sit closer to him if he did not notice you then walk closer to the tv bend down as if you want to arrange some CD plate or as if you're searching for something that will divert his attention towards you, in his mind he will say wow is this what I have been missing I bet you he will come holding you from behind and that night you guys will have great sex, what I am trying to say is always look sexy and attractive to your husband and respect him alot.

  2. God's time is the best, Mommy Amara have said it all. And also be attractive as well. May e Lord be with you.

  3. Amara u are filled with wisdom


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