Monday, May 18, 2015

She curses and wishes me evil

Good afternoon ma.God bless you the more.
I have a problem wife my wife which a confused as am writing to you now.
I have be married for only six months now.I found out that each time I have misunderstanding with my wife,she must speak a cursing word on me.
Wishing me all the negative predicament in life.
Please advice me.

Dear sender,
The process of becoming one with your wife after marriage is not what happens in a flip second but it comes with some not so good challenges,misunderstandings and disagreements like yours.
Instead of attacking her or exchanging words with her, try to discern whats her worries,fears,concerns and need and explore avenues to meet her need even if it be half way.
Discuss with her and carry her along in all your decisions.
Please do not command, instruct or force her to do anything. 
For now she need your understanding and patience to adjust to her duties.
Also seek her suggestions and opinions and do your possible best to make her feel loved and appreciated.
Compliment her efforts and please do not complain about her shortcoming instead lovingly correct her and show her how best she can meet your need.
Pet her as long as you live with her and always have this at the back of your mind that she have good intentions for you but her worries and fears may push her to saying things she definitely would not love to see happen to you.
With patience, understanding, love and wisdom, I am hopeful you shall overcome this bonding phase of your marriage and become one in understanding,vision and attitude with her. 

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