Monday, May 18, 2015

Mirror Miracle

I know sometimes you may be overwhelmed by challenges and cares of life
That makes you forget who you are.
You are working,praying,striving and suffering
Believing and Hoping that someday,somehow,

Something great shall come out of it.
Your partner may not understand,
Your friend may never care,
And your enemies?They are already wishing you failure.

But I want to encourage you to always remember
That you are cherished
Loved,cared for
Celebrated and appreciated by God.
Because you look exactly like Him

Everyday day you breath
There is a miracle of life.
Look into the mirror in your room,
And tell the person inside it that God loves him/her.

Please remind him/her that
He/She is God's best
Inform him/her that nothing in this life can be equated or compared to him/her.
Please celebrate the person in your mirror everyday.

Look into God's word and behold
His Promises,
His Plans
His prayers
And His passion

To give you His best
And make you the best
To bless you
And make you a blessing

To provide
And prosper you
To heal
And make you whole.

To guard and guide you.
And protect you.
In all your endeavors.
And give you a testimony that will amaze your enemies.

When you behold these powerful mirrors
And hold them very dear to your heart,
You shall indeed have reasons to rejoice, be glad and celebrate.
Never you begin your day without using your mirror.

That is the only way to remind yourself of your identity
And be courageous and confident to fulfill your plans for the day.

Remember, when you know who you are,
You will never believe what they said of you,
Nor be afraid of what the enemies plan against you.
Use your mirror TODAY

Amara Van-Lare


  1. God bless you for this motivating piece,may His glory continue to be upon you in Jesus name...Amen

  2. Thank you Amara for this wonderful post. God is using you to talk to me. I will surely do every morning dear. God bless you


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