Monday, May 18, 2015

In Love with two men, please help me

Good Evening Sister,I need some help here and is very urgent as I write to you. (Don't know which of the two to go for) I used to date a guy but he told me that am not yet where he wanted his lady to be and he does not make effort to help me in any form but he does have sex with me anytime he wants which I don't really like most times but he is well educated and serving now and on the other hand I have this guy that just love me but very much older than I am (14 years difference) and not too educated,at his own job and well matured and he doesn't make me lack with anything as long as he has it and has already known my parents which they like him.
But the problem now is that I Don't know how to handle this because it seems I still have feelings for the first guy but he does not care about me that much and bear In mind I love the second man so dearly because no man has ever made me happy as he does.
Sister Amara, Please help me out because I don't know what to do.

Dear sender,
I feel you need to love yourself well enough to know what you need from a man and a relationship.
You need to understand that relationship is much more than having many men surrounding you. It also involves knowing who appreciates your personality and respects your emotion.
You need a man who understands your need and is willing to invest in you to make you happy.
You need a man who will not abuse you, and reduce you to an object.
You also need to equip yourself with the virtues that will endear you to the man who loves.

Please equip yourself with the skills,and wisdom you need to be a blessing to a man and not a burden.
Education does not make one responsible, it only equip one with the right information they need to make the right decision.

If he respects you and treat you as his bride,companion and best friend,you do not need to be worried about his age because in marriage,his attitude matters much more than his age

Please marry a man who make you happy and bring fulfillment to you.


  1. You only love the sexual part of the first man. Pls I believ your happiness is the most important. Someone who will respect you. Someone in whom u will find peace. Like AVL said. Love yourself first. Try to diff between love nd infatuation. Focus and always praY.

    1. I didn't even read your comment before commenting. Infatuation indeed!

  2. The first man says you're not yet where he wants his lady to be and makes no effort to help you yet have sex with you anytime he wants,the other loves and assists you + makes you happy. You should be able to know the difference between between real love and infatuation #goodluck


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