Monday, May 18, 2015

Good morning ma please i need your advice and that of your fans...
What can I do, hide my identity please, by November I will be 30 and by Oct he will be 30 too, we are into relationship of over five years( we started while in school and we are both graduates now) 
I know his family and his family knows me too cos I do go to his house to spend time with them, so around December last year when I was in his house some misunderstanding happened between his younger sister and I and they settled it for us....
The problem now is that he has been using that against me,and have been begging him since January cos I noticed he has changed.
Last month he told me things may not work between us, it was just as if I should die since then I have been calling and begging him but he said he's not happy that he has made up his mind already,my mind is still with him cos I don't have anybody except him... 
Please Amara what should I do before its too late...
Your advice is tangible this time around

Dear sender,
Let me begin by informing you, reminding you and educating you that he is not the only one you have on earth and in heaven.
His love is nothing compared to God's love for you.
Whatever you shared with him is insignificant when you count all that God has done for you.
He gave you his breath, nurtured you in your mother's womb, brought you safely to life, protected you from dangers,provided all you needed to become a beautiful and a bright lady.

He gave you his all so i do not see reasons why you should say that this man is all you have. He is not even close to your parents so please correct that impression today.

Though it is very painful and disappointing, please do not loose your identity or loose hope. Try and read the Mirror Miracle published on my blog today.

You need to brace up and believe God, Stop begging him for nothing. That you had a misunderstanding with his sister is not enough reasons for him to make up his mind to leave you.

Doing so only revealed that he has been looking for an avenue to leave you and finally got hold of this.
If he feels you are not good enough for him, I do not think you can do anything to please him.

Even if you decide to hurt yourself because of him, it leaves you with nothing and him?, He will marry another lady immediately.

Cheer up and be grateful, look up and be Hopeful.
We serve a God of many miraculous surprises.
He is too faithful to fail and your circumstances, worries and fears wont make him change his personality as the Almighty God.

Cheer up dear, you are too beautiful to give up like that and too attractive to hide yourself behind a man who is tolerating and torturing you emotionally.

That's not meant for God's precious and gorgeous princess like you.
Smile dear, You are God's best and I truly love you.

You shall write me very soon to testify.

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