Tuesday, May 19, 2015

He is loving, old and jealous, should i marry him?

Aunty Amy, I need your help and that of your wonderful fans to make this decision. Please hide my identity and notify me when posted. Thanks. 
My story goes like this: I was in a relationship which lasted for five years, i gave in everything i had for the success of this relationship but it ended cos the guys mum wanted him to marry someone from their place. 
Now someone has been on my neck for marriage, been to my place and have spoken to my brothers, cousins,mum and sister about it (but am not sure cos you never can trust men and their marriage promises).
He is naturally a good,kind loving,caring and understanding man. He has always done everything he sees and knows that will make me happy no matter how little it might seen. 
Truly , i have no doubts about the love he confesses to me cos his action speaks volume. He has been married before, has a son but wife is late whom he truly loved even till date. 
My issue is that i am presently a student in one of the private institutions in Nigeria and has no means of getting money except my monthly allowance of N20,000 from my people which am contented with and he is a driver in a private institution and earns little monthly though he owns a pathfinder jeep. 
My issue is: how do we raise a family in the condition of this country? He keeps saying that marriage can open the door of blessings to the newly wedded and he believes i carry that blessing.
Secondly, he has an NCE certificate and not a degree holder and i want at least a degree holder. Thirdly, he is 38 years old and am 25 years. 
Finally, he is a very jealous person despite all my pleas and how much i have tried to make him understand i would never cheat on him cos i don't cheat when i decide to be in a relationship and cos of my reason for loving him which is cos he has truly shown me so much love from the depth of his heart and loving him and being faithful is the only way i can show appreciation for his love for me. Should i marry him despite his little earnings, does it really matter his education attainments, Isn't the age difference much and how do i treat his jealousy character? thanks lovely people.

Dear sender,
The choice is yours to make.
Most times we need to let go of what we want not because they were not good enough but because we need to consider their impact much later in life.
When you weigh the virtues that are most important to you with the attributes you wish a partner must have, you would know whether this man means well to you.
In marriage, education does not count,age is irrelevant. what matters is your peace of mind and happiness in your marriage.
From your mail, you painted a picture of a responsible, loving, selfless, hardworking, faithful and a man who have deep conviction in God.
I pray that God will give you the wisdom and grace to make the right decision.


  1. Dear poster, age don't really matter like aunty Amara has said. You've to as yourself what exactly you want in a marriage. I pray that God will see you through

  2. Dear poster, age doesn't really matter like aunty Amara has said. You've to ask yourself what exactly you want in a marriage. I pray that God will see you through

  3. Go to God in prayer first. May God give you wisdom to handle this issue

  4. age here is never the issue. what you consider is what you feel for him. can your feeling for him stand the test of time?"


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