Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What will I do to know if he loves me??

Good day, please hide my identity,
I have a problem that is bothering me. Please there was this guy that was asking me out since three years but I finally accepted him February this year, it was going very lovely between us that both our families knew about us .
Last week Wednesday he was at my house when someone called him on phone he was telling the person that he was coming, the call I was suspecting as if it was a lady that called him because he told me that he don't have any girlfriend outside me so I asked him to give me his phone to know who the person was because that has been the way we do he checked my mine, but he refused.
So I got angry and refused going out with him he begged me but I still did not accept, so he left and I went to visit my cousin's wife he came back but I was not around, he called me on phone and I shouted on him. later my mum blamed me.
To cut the story short after two days my friend told me that she saw him in the market and when she confronted him, he told her that the girl was her friend's sister that he asked the girl to come and help her to buy box that he would use to travel out of the country when I closed from work I was the one that suppose to do that but I gave him the money and told him that I would not go. 
I went to his house to pass the night so I asked him who the girl was, he was angry with me about the previous quarrel because we have not seen or talked on phone since then, he came to my house and I asked him out so he was mad at me that I have to beg him that I was sorry but he refused and said is over between us because we were planning for him to pay my dowry before he traveled. 
After much begging he refused so I got angry and promised him that he will not see me again that i was tired too. After two days my sister called him and told him to come to my house after talking with him he called me on phone that we have settled and that everything was as it was before I traveled he said if I come back we see. The next day he called me that his visa was ready that he wanted to travel to Lagos to get it .
I promised him 50k to help him on his trip but I afraid to give him the money because the love was not like it was before and he might travel out it may not work out the way we planned or we might not end up together. 
I'm not desperate about marriage but just want to be sure of what I'm doing, i want to be a mugu to someone,the guy is very caring which my people confirmed.
What will I do to know if he is really serious or really love me .
Sorry for long story
Dear sender,
What you do for love should be done with a pure heart devoid of sentiments and personal gains.
The reason is so that you will not be disappointed when what you expected wasn't what you received in return.

Loving someone is a risk and do bear it in mind that it is only time that can reveal the true intentions of a man.
Discuss with him, encourage him with whatever you feel is your best and brace your heart for anything while believing the very best.

Commit everything to God in prayers and leave everything all to him.
I cannot see his heart nor can i tell about tomorrow but when a man truly loves a lady, he will go any length to make her happy and do everything to be with her.

I wish you the very best.

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