Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What does it mean to define a relationship?

Mummy good day, may God continually bless you and uplift you in your labour of humanity for God's kingdom.  
Please, throw more light on what it means for singles who are in relationship to "define a relationship". I don't understand it well. Thanks and God bless u ma. Please hide my ID

Dear sender
Every journey ought to have an expected destination.
There ought to be a purposeful preparation and adequate planning to make accommodation for any eventualities while on the journey.

When two responsible,focused and emotionally mature adults come together,to invest their time, and resources in each other,there ought to be a hope for a better ending and this should not be made a secret.

There is no gain in hanging with a man or lady who by all indication do not have any future with you.
One will only be limiting the other from meeting their partner and living a fulfilled life with his/her family.

After the introduction and the celebrations and he/she finally admits to love you,the next feasible thing to do should be to plan and to share his or her vision with you.

  • Where does he/she hope to take the relationship to?
  • When is he/she looking at making the relationship a fruitful reality?
  • What would be the sacrifices or the purpose of the relationship?
  • And how does he/she plan to achieve his vision in the relationship? 
You may not need to be asking these questions literally to any partner you meet but from their attitude, you can discern whether there is a future with the person or not.

  • If there is a lot of complaints, accusations, nagging and abuse
  • If it is strictly a sexual affair and there is nothing else that profit you spiritually,emotionally and psychologically.
  • If directly or indirectly he/she may have hinted what mummy,daddy,uncle or friend said about a town or city or tribe.
  • If there is little or no communication in the relationship
  • If he has no vision or plans and whenever you ask, he may either evade it or simply ignore you
  • If she is emotionally not ready, does not give you any attention,prefers her friends more than you, defends her errors and has no respect for you.
Then you may be hanging around a man/lady who is clearly going nowhere with you.
Just as it is important to eat to live, every relationship should be defined so as to give the partners the privilege to decide whether to hang on or to move on.


  1. Nice article ma'am. More grace.

  2. U hit the nail ma God bless u.

  3. Nice one.A fool once wasted 3yrs of my life after which he quit Becos his family said no Becos of tribal issue.He is from mbaise while am from Nnewi.Na God go punish am


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