Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is he a husband material?

Aunty Amara nice job Good pm everyone am almost 22 and am dating a guy of 33 i love him very much and am sure he does the same,but the problem he has is that he never keeps to his promises,he always promise and fail,please do you think such a man is a husband material.i need advice on what to do.thanks

Amara: what kind of promises are you talking about?

Sender: Financially ma,anytime he has problems and come to me,i will help him even though am a student,but he has never done same for me,he will always promise to assist me or send me money but wont

Dear sender,
If he promises to help you but does not, how well are you convinced of his love for you?
What impact has your relationship with him made in your life emotionally,spiritually and psychologically?
Its not a good sign of a man who will keep to his words even after you have wedded him.
It is an indicator that you may need to constantly remind him of the promises and hope that someday he will fulfill them.
Well you are the only one who can tell what you need, if he bears the image,then endure his weaknesses.


  1. Yes He is a Husband Material....probably less than 2yards! :D :D

  2. U can.only judge him if u know he has but he is just being unnecessarily stingy. Did u say u do assist him when he comes to u? Nne biko run! The guy s a loser and a jerk.

  3. It's obvious he's still struggling financialy, for him to come to you means he doesn't have. Hope u're not judging he loves you based on all the sweet talks. Pls Waka now

  4. Check if u are mounting pressure on him psychologically to return the gestures when he can't afford it. Maybe he feels he owes you hence the promise and fail. Check also if he is deceiving you by collecting your money and acting as if he loves u pending when u stop giving.


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