Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Parents wont accept him because He is from Edo

Good afternoon ma.please hide my I.D. I am a girl of 21,an undergraduate dating a guy of 26,I love him and I know very well he loves me more. He has everything I want in a guy and God fearing. My problem is my parents,they don't want the relationship to be because He's from Edo state while I am Delta-Igbo . Ma please I need you and your fans advice. He has proposed but I have not accepted his ring because I know my parents will never agree,This morning he called me crying because of that and told me he has been praying for God to change my parents mind(we are not in a hurry to get married anyway,we'd do that when I finish school but he just want the assurance and go ahead).I am just confused.
Dear sender,
Always remember, your happiness in marriage and in life is your decision to make.
Do not let anyone anywhere at anytime or with any means lure you or confuse you or coerce you into taking a decision you will live to regret for the rest of your days.
Your parents may have genuine reasons, find out what their views are, if it was because he is from Edo,then remind your parents that God is the one who chose that for him and you can do little about it.
Find out what your parent's fears and worries are and weigh them before making your decision known.
True love endures any circumstances so do not give up on him if you truly love him.
Commit everything to God in prayers and allow God to perfect the desires of your heart.

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  1. Can't say I blame your folks, going by stereotypes, edo people are damn fetish and a certain segment more stingy than ijebu men lol but the truth is we are who we are and a man determines what he will become, not where he comes from. If you know in your heart he is good and the one for you then by all means marry him!. With time you parents will come around and accept him


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