Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Should I disclose my financial status to the would-be spouse?

Good evening Sis Amy and thanks to you and the house for being of immense help.
Please I have a question.
Is it proper for one to disclose his/her financial status including investments to the would-be spouse?
Thanks in advance for your contribution and that of the entire house
Dear sender,
I believe you are talking about a partner you believe and is convinced of will be your husband.
If I am correct,then there is no harm in letting him know your financial status, at least that would assure him of your sincerity of heart and your commitment to the relationship.
It also shows that you trust in his ability and capacity to be your man, your husband, your friend and your companion.
You may keep the investments till when you have gotten married to him but do not withhold your basic income from him.
Remember never to let finance put your marriage under pressure, most often its not worth the stress.

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