Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The guy I'm pregnant for is engaged to another lady

Good day aunty amara..... I'm a quite young fan of your page compared to your other fans....but I must say your page is very inspiring...... never knew a day would come when I will actually text you for help..... Anyway God bless you..... I have a problem...... I'm pregnant for a guy I love so much have been dating for a while now..... the truth is I tried removing it once but it didn't work..... anyway that's not even what bothers me now..... The guy in question just told me he is betrothed to someone else.....meaning the relationship itself was built on lies..... I haven't told both my family and his family....... I have to be sincere with you I haven't achieved anything in life...... no money still trying to finish school..... At this stage I'm confused..... there is a lot more to this story but this is the important and short version..... I know I made a very big mistake but I really need advise.....I don't have time and i'm loosing it..don't know if I should keep it...keep quiet about it or even just die and face judgement at once..... please Aunty beep me once you post this.....
Dear sender,
I wished you wrote me before the mistake was made but its still not too late that you wrote now.
Though you were not prepared to be a mother now, please for the sake of your child unborn, give your heart to bringing this child into the world and giving your best to your child.
I know you must have had greater plans and visions for your life but being a mother is an achievement many are praying for and have spent so much on just to have their own children.
Inform your mum about your pregnancy and the man responsible.
They will guide you on what's best for your health and the upkeep of your child,
Register for an ante-natal care and start a business that will help you raise some funds for the benefit of yourself and that of your baby.
Dying to end it all will only make you more miserable and wont in anyway give you peace.
Choose to be a proud mum of your unborn child.
There is no joy that can be compared to that of a decision even in your errors to make the best out of the mess you might have found yourself into.
Cheer up and look forward to having your bundle of joy in no distant time.


  1. olufunke morenikeMay 26, 2015 at 6:39 PM

    Dear poster,no matter how wrong you are,at this stage,i won't condemn u,all i will say is pls,let your parent know what's happening in your life,and pls don't touch that little creature in you,im sure one day,in d future,you will be glad you have him or her.

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  3. Dear poster, please alert both ur parents and his, u guys made the baby together so u shouldn't be the one suffering alone.

  4. Dear poster, please alert both ur parents and his, u guys made the baby together so u shouldn't be the one suffering alone.

  5. Dearest, two wrong choices you got there.
    1. ABORTION: will make you the murderer of your own unborn baby.
    2. SUICIDE: taking your own life the killer of your own self. Remember it God that sustained you from birth till now and you, he will sustain you and the baby.
    Give the little angel a chance to live.


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