Thursday, May 21, 2015


Good afternoon ma, please I need a reply to this question, please can a lady of 24 years marry a man of 44 years?

Dear sender,
I know many have similar question like you do and most times many do not have a clear cut answer to this puzzle of age and love.
Is there any age that does not deserve love?
The answer is no but we need to examine what we should consider most whenever love confronts us with questions like this.
  • Do you love your partner?
Deep within your heart, do you bond with him? Do you appreciate his personality and do you cherish his vision in life or is the love motivated by wealth? An honest answer to this question will help you to know whether to consider him or not.

  • Are you at peace and happy with him?
The ultimate of every marriage is to have peace of mind and be happy in life and marriage.

If as a lady, you are happy with him as a person, you are happy with him as your husband, and you are happy with his vision and personality.
Then you have absolutely no reason not to marry the man who means the world with you simply because you are happy.
  • Does He respects/treats you as his bride and companion?
Every marriage is a journey of two friends who trusts, appreciates, believes and understands each other and are emotionally,spiritually and psychologically ready to invest in themselves for the rest of their days.
Here age is clearly not the focus, but their ability to work together, support one another and be there for each other in both good and not so good circumstances.
If indeed you are willing and he is ready and you believe in each other, then you may consider him.

  • Are you willing to pay the prize?
Because the age disparity creates some amazing challenges like varying sexual libido,baggage from his past and age related illnesses, most times the lady involved may find this to be challenging and frustrating for her to bear and may begin to think of ways to either meet her needs or abuse the marriage.
Then again love will ask, can you cope in those times? Will you remain faithful, respectful,loyal and submissive to his authority in those times when the flames are dim or almost dead.
Will you be willing to pay the prize and lay down your life to serve him even unto death?
If you can, then there is no need for worries.

When you weigh your intentions, your desires with your convictions you will know what you truly need as a lady.
Marriage is your journey and the choice of partner you wish to marry is solely your decision to make.
In all, marry your friend and the partner who believes in you and makes your world glow irrespective of their age.


  1. Does d guy look his age,,love is even sweeter wen u marry an older person bkos d guy wil take good care of u,even worship d ground u walk on,,aunty amara has said it all,its left for u to decide bkos it's ur life,u wil live in it,buh dis age somtimes is jst a number,if u r at peace n love him, go ahead

  2. Hmmm! The age gap is too much but if u can consider those qualities Aunty amara mentioned above, there u go.. It's your life and d choice is yours the most important thing is your happiness..

  3. my dear, the gap is too much, why desperate to get married? you are jst 24 and u want to get married to some one who is much older than you.. well the choice is urs to make but if am to choose, i will not marry him ooo

  4. AMARA threw and pointed out d ryt questions,if after asking urself those questions and telling urself the truth sincerely,then u will have a solution.Age doesn't guarantee readiness for marriage that ur 50 or 40 does not make u ready or ripe enough for that institution God designed ,Marriage takes a lot of mental and spiritual maturity to be able to handle the affairs of marriage and as u live in it ,u also will learn everyday....It's just like going to school dear.
    My fiance was exactly my age when I was born but today, we are ready to get married.....I'm 28 and he's 56 and I love him to death... we both dnt look our age but when I talk, he sits in amazement....Bless you dear..
    No need for the rush


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