Saturday, May 16, 2015

Married but in Love with Her Ex

Please notify me when this gets posted. Good morning Aunty Amara, Please help me,I can't keep doing this; I have been married for two years now and also have a daughter. My ex boyfriend of four years sent me a text on Monday inviting me to his wedding today and ever since I got that message my mood changed,his mother refused him from marrying me because I am from Delta while he is from Anambra. Please don't get me wrong my husband is a very loving and caring man. Please advice me on how to get over this feeling cos my husband is beginning to sense that something is wrong with me.

Dear sender,
When the devil wants to destroy a beautiful home, he soils your heart with the thought of an ex.
You are married to a loving man, making you unavailable to him and he is getting married to another lady, meaning that you do not have a special place in his heart.
Rejoice with him but do not destroy your home with the memories of a man who by fate and God's permission wasn't meant for you.
Remember that you will lose more if you allow the infatuation to consume your heart.
Please delete everything that link you or remind you of him and focus on your home.
Marriage is a covenant unto God, do not by any means destroy that which God has ordained by attaching yourself emotionally to another man.


  1. Believe me u dnt wanna go down dat lane.enjoy ur home.

  2. Madam plz face ur marriage and let go of the past. If ur ex was that good, then why didn't you both get married? I know it's not easy. Pray to forget him fast, works like magic. God helped me to forget my ex. Even when he calls, I dont feel a thing for him. I sometimes ignore his calls sef. Cos most of them still believe they stand a chance. Have moved on and will never go back to any ex. Its not even worth it.


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