Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do not judge if you are not in their shoes.

Good morning Aunty Amara. How have you been doing,work and family? Sorry i have to bother you ma,but i am pushed to write you because of the wedding pictures of Edo state's governor, Adams Oshiomole. I read some of the comments by your fans and was quite displeased.

Please,are people not supposed to marry someone of their choice? Why are people always fast to condemn someone they don't know? After what happened to me,I totally changed my mindset and stopped judging people, especially those i don't know. That beautiful young lady must have accepted to marry him because of the ordeals she must have undergone in the hands of our lazy insecure young men. 

Aunty Amara,that same insecure and lazy young man put me in the state i am right now! I was financially,emotionally,verbally abused by the young man and spiritually,verbally, traumatically abused by his dad. His dad tried abusing me sexually too,that was the main subject! I was 28 years and it was just after my traditional marriage. Just one year and i was in hell.
I was cursed daily by his dad. I was tortured emotionally. I never slept for one year. I got lean and sick,i was withdrawn. I stopped talking to people. Everything I did was ordered by his dad. He even forced it on me that I was to pay all the bills for the white wedding that it was their tradition! I was suicidal! 

Then at the end of that year, 2012,i summoned courage,woke my mum by 4:00am and narrated my ordeals to her (my dad was late) and told her that morning that I wanted to put an end to the marriage. Being a christian,she didn't welcome the idea. I told her i would rather die than go back to that marriage. We informed my family, they came to Owerri and packed my belongings. That was how i left. 

Then the mockery, judgement and gossip started. People called me a divorcee, expired market, second class,tokunbo etc! I was pained,deeply hurt and filled with regrets and sorrow. I was traumatized by that event for two years. But made up my mind i was going to end up with an advanced man by age and experience.

Aunty Amara,my point is,people do things based on what they must have passed through. On that beautiful lady's case, people are judging her based on their own ideology that any young lady who marries an advanced man it's because of his wealth,NO! It's not always the story. Please enlighten your fans why it isn't always good to judge people because you don't know their stories or what they have been through. 

Beside,we have the right to our lives and if we keep living for people,we might end up in total misery. If i had listened to people's judgement,i would have died in that marriage. I still believe strongly i will get the right man! After all majority of Nigerians still buy tokunbo cars! Lol! Thank you beautiful Aunty for the good work you are doing. May THE GREAT I AM continue to elevate you,grant you wisdom and more understanding and keep you. Pleasant morning!
Dear sender,
Life is a sacred gift just like marriage is a sacred covenant and anything that threatens your life is not worth the risk.
I thank God today you are alive to tell the story.
Those who judge others most time have no identity so they feel comfortable judging others.
So do not let let the opinions of others make you make a mess of your life.
If their name is not God, their opinion as well shouldn't make you worry.

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