Friday, May 15, 2015

Less than two years of wedlock, she is tired!

Good evening madam, Please hide my identity. I need your advice so fast because am tired of this marriage am into. My husband gets angry so easily he pick up fight almost everyday and he keep malice a lot. Our marriage is not up to two years,he plays with me only when he want to sleep with me, he is 37 years while I am 27 years old, he doesn't take alcohol, and he gives me and my son everything we want at d right time, But I have no rest of mind in his house, he complains a lot, raise his voice , abuse me and hit me a times. Sometimes I report him, both family has to intervene but he doesn't change, I have woke him up in the middle of the night and talked to him yet he didn't change, and anytime he's keeping malice he will not eat until I lie down flat and beg him for like six to seven hours.Now I don't want to beg him again because I did not beg him to marry me and for how long will I continue begging. Please advice me ooh. thank you ma . Please post my mail.
God bless you ma.


  1. hmmmmmm...this is serious! madam we no follow you dey your have said your own part,we do not know the man's part but please pray for wisdom to run your is very vital.wisdom to kno wen to talk n wen to be kno d ryt tin to do at d ryt time..udo!

  2. Hmmm marriage kwa? Nothing we no go hear. Madam poster, pls pray for the spirit of patience,peace and understanding. Marriage is a life covenant, you just can't quit just bcos of certain misunderstandings with ur hubby. However, if the physical abuse is getting out of hand then you have every right to quit abeg. Some men sha... smh

  3. Madam, try and stop that character that make him angry easily and malice as u said he is eveything to u, checkur sef and rechange ur charcter bcos i may say ur the problem


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