Thursday, May 21, 2015

My friends think that am timid

 Goodmorning sis.Amara,
Thanks for the good work you are doing here,please advice me on what to do.I will be 23 years by August and will be through with my education too this year,I have not been in a relationship before,am not good at making new friends,most of the male ones I have think am timid due to my strict way of life.
Aunty, please how do I go about this problem.....
Thanks for anticipated understanding...
Hide my identity.

Dear sender
I may not know what your friends meant by your strict way of life but i commend you for disciplining yourself and focusing not on men but your studies.
The primary purpose of going to school is to study, other things shall be added unto you but first you need to discover the very essence for which you were sent to school to study.

That you have not been in a relationship at 23 does not mean that you do not have a husband in life.
And that all your friends maybe in a relationship today, does not make you less beautiful nor does it make them better than you.
You are not in competition with any lady so you do not need to compare yourself with anyone.
Discover your passion and give your whole heart to it.
That is one of the ways to attract friends to yourself but do not in the bid to win friends, lose your identity.
Be your best and build your virtues,discuss issues, share your opinion and do not be afraid to make mistakes or be shy of correction, it only makes you human.
Keep at being yourself and be grateful for life.
Do not copy anyone, as no one can ever be like you.
Attend social programs like seminars, book lunch and presentations that will build you up to know how to look your best and present yourself to the world.
You are just the very best of yourself, please do not let anyone make you feel inferior in life.


  1. Maybe u are timid and a bush girl. U should no better, no one here knows u though.

  2. Take your time. Amara has said it all, good luck

  3. @ Jideofor that was harsh. Dear poster, you don't need to succumb to what people say especially men bc when you say 'no' to their illegal advances, they see you as being 'harsh'. At the right time, the right man will come, just remain focused. #Jahbless

  4. Hmmmmm. Work on yourself. Always think positively. Read best sellers books. Change the way you dress.


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