Saturday, May 23, 2015

My parents irritate me, I cant see reasons not to hate them

Good morning ma, please ma help me cos am beginning to hate my parents.. especially my dad, my parents were not legally married, it was as a result of boyfriend/girlfriend dating that they gave birth to their first daughter who died before i was born. Ma my parents are the type who gossip about people.. Specially about their families. When am with my father it is always the bad that my mum does he always complain of likewise my mother. What really happened was this. I bought kitchen wares for my mum three years ago and never let her know i did it, she got to know somehow and thanked me later on. Then at the beginning of the month i and my dad was discussing about his niece wedding whose father was in u.k, a certain member of the family said she won't come cos when her own daughter did wedding no cow was bought but when another of his niece did wedding they bought cow( the cow was 120,000 and my dad brought 80,000 and his brother in u.k brought 40,000) and he started broadcasting that he bought cow, and i said it's not good to reveal the good you've done and use what i bought for my mum as an example. That made him jealous and big quarrel ensued... My mum later told me what he has been saying, that he regretted ever giving me my name that he would have given me SORROW instead, she told me so many things that got me really angry, now am hating them and vowed never to bring anything for them, now or in please i don't want to hate them this much but i cant see reason not to... Please forgive my lengthy message it is for better understanding...
Dear sender,
I know you must have felt pains and bitterness in your heart when you heard all that your dad said about you.
I may not know what made him said so but you see,our parents are only a channel that God used to bring us here on earth.
We owe them that gratitude irrespective of their attitude to us or their perception of us.
For God to use their blood to bring you to this earth and compelled them not to abort or destroy you shows that they could not harm you, not then nor now.
Appreciate them for the sole purpose that they are your parents, his blood formed you and your mum's womb nurtured you.
When you buy something for mum, please buy also for dad.
If you wish to keep your good deeds a secret, never you use it as an example sometime later.
Do not listen to what your dad said or told your mum, remember, his assignment ended after he gave birth to you and trained you.
Now you have God's word by your side to guide you.
You have the Holy spirit to inspire you.
You have all you need to be your best here in the land of the living.
Shake off all those negative vibes, love your parents and ignore their drama.
Its well with you and no evil shall come near you.
You are blessed beyond any curse nor accusations nor the perceptions nor confessions of others.


  1. My sister, who has not worn that shoes will never understand. Until the return of Christ, we are flesh and blood with emotions all over us. I know you must have overlooked them severally but the continuous repetition of their attitudes keep hurting you. It is only God that can help you in your situation. Therefore, have a close relationship with Him, the Spirit and the word. You will overcome. I wish you more grace and strength to endure. I once posted that: "the most important as well as difficult to please people we wish we could change are our parents, siblings and relatives".

  2. God help us oh.... I understand how you feel sincerely


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