Saturday, May 23, 2015

Courtship and Engagement: which comes first?

Please I need answer on this,is an argument between I and some of my friends....courtship and engagement which comes first? Throw it to the house please.
Dear sender.
Engagement is when the man officially proposes marriage to a lady, not when he promised to marry you.
Some proposals come in different forms depending on traditions and perceptions.
But what matters is that at the end of the day, there is ''will you marry me?'' and hopefully a ''yes'' will set the world into rejoicing that there is a potential couple in the making.
From the day the engagement ceremony was performed to the wedding day is called courtship.
This is the period when partners discuss personal issues pertaining to families, finance, shelter, sex and all have you.
Partners know its no more game of who will win his or her heart but that of what shall we do to make the relationship a huge success and subsequently.
For some this is the time to meet pastors and priests and astrologists to read their stars which to me is horrible.
For others its time to make friends feel jealous and then go on social media to celebrate.
Depending on what works for you, courtship is a serious business and one that should make the partners sit down to plan their funds, feeding, shelter, children and of course how to meet the extended demands.


  1. U have suceeded in writing and replying to posts alone.
    Congrats.. ..hahahahahahahaha..!!!

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  3. Alot of young people mistake "dating" with "courtship". They are two different things. Anyway, i think its engagement before courtship. Cos, courtship is usually the period btw engagement and marriage. The proper sequence should be: *DATING->*ENGAGEMENT->*COURTSHIP->*MARRIAGE.



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