Friday, May 22, 2015


So many married couples have sex; they have no idea what lovemaking is. 

A good number of married women know about the word, 'orgasm' only from textbooks and interactions with other people. 

A good number of women, especially single ladies, fake orgasm just to please their man. 

Many women claim to be enjoying sex with their man just because they don't want to hurt his feelings.

A good number of African women, when sex is not good, don't complain to their husband for the fear of being tagged a harlot. 

Religion has done more harm than good to sexual life of married couples


  1. I c it as timidity, u can help bring out d bst in ur woman/man by letting him/her know hw u enjoy love making most_ hey; talk dirty 2 ur man/woman n make her get horny even yl away_ #JudeKizito

    1. U know it's true jude, not all men ve time for romance, and if u want to correct him or even suggest things, he flares up and then comes name calling

    2. I agree with u that a good number of men/women r like that, we like 2 b 2 religious in everything_ love making is 2 b enjoyed; one needs good communication habit 2achieve dx

  2. You're right ma.. Religious organization is supposed to sometimes organize talks on this and many more supposed 'dirty' topics to enlighten its members..


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